Bob Rich, Benson & Mangold

An Interview With ClientLook User, Bob Rich

Bob Rich, Benson & Mangold

Bob Rich, Benson & Mangold

  • Bob Rich works in the Benson & Mangold Real Estate office in Easton Maryland. He specializes in land, farms, woodlands and income producing properties on the Delmarva. Bob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Delaware, and real estate licenses in Maryland and Delaware.

    Hear how Bob is utilizing our commercial real estate CRM to organize his business and manage his day to day workflow:

    Can you tell me a little bit about your business? What do you specialize in and what does your day to day schedule look like?

Bob: I live and work on The Delmarva and work at Benson & Mangold Real Estate. I have held many positions in several companies over the years, and my vocational goal now is to master the role of serving as a commercial real estate adviser. Over the years, I have accumulated a very strong database of contacts and now I specialize in working with agriculture, aquaculture, woodlands and income producing properties. In my world, no two days are the same, but the goal of providing great service to my clients is always my main priority.

What CRM solution were you using previously?

Bob: Before I started using ClientLook I was utilizing Gmail. Thankfully, I reached a point where the volume of clients was too much for me to manually keep track of, so I started researching CRM’s. I looked at all of the CRM’s out there and the ClientLook team was the most helpful and assured me that their commercial real estate software was a good match for my business needs.

Why did you choose ClientLook?

Bob: I had several conversations with different people from the top CRM companies, but I liked that ClientLook can easily cater to a variety of different level users. Whether an advisor is new to the commercial real estate industry (like me), or a long-time professional, ClientLook will work for you. After speaking with the team at ClientLook I realized that they understand exactly how different users will use the system differently. I never felt rushed or any pressure to sign up and they have consistently demonstrated why they are the top CRM in the industry – the training and support were important deciding factors.

How easy was it to get your data converted into ClientLook?

Bob: For my tertiary market, I had a built a large, detailed database, and I must admit that I was terrified of transferring it from Gmail to ClientLook when I first signed up. Nathan assured me that he could transfer all of my data overnight, and in the morning, I woke up and everything was there as promised – including all of “groups”. He took care of everything and made the transition a smooth process for me. The key is that Nathan assured me that my information was as valuable to him as it was to me, so I trusted that he would take care of it. Without Nathan’s help, I would still be trying to work with Gmail.

What problems has ClientLook solved for you?

Bob: From the beginning, ClientLook has helped me save countless hours each month since I no longer have to use my own system of keeping track to client files and data. With ClientLook, everything is so much more organized than I could’ve done on my own. ClientLook keeps track of all of my client communications; from emails to files, everything is stored in one place. Now that I am saving so much time, I can service my clients even better!

Please tell us about your experience with ClientLook:

Bob: ClientLook is the most important commercial real estate tool that I use. I used to start each day with a to-do list and mental notes, but now ClientLook is my base camp – it’s my starting point each morning and my ending point each evening. ClientLook has given me a solid foundation to build my business on.

What features do you like the most about ClientLook?

Bob: With ClientLook, I intuitively knew how to use the system since it’s very user-friendly. With the more advanced features, the success team has been so helpful with teaching me how to use the features that I will benefit from the most, and their  follow up calls are very motivating. Their coaching abilities have been an important part of my ClientLook experience. From videos, to blog post, to the wonderful support, these features are unparalleled with any other CRM.

How would you describe your overall experience with the ClientLook team?

Bob: My experience with every person on the ClientLook team has been 100% positive. Everyone is professional, responsive, and focused on my needs. I can see that everyone on the ClientLook team is committed to helping me achieve my goals, no matter how big or small they are. Not many companies these days have such a high level of service.