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Our team of 5 recently switched from REA to Clientlook and love it. I used REA for over 15 years and used the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” mentality, but realized we were really working with an antiquated program. We tried to migrate to Apto/Salesforce since it was supported by Colliers, but that process was cumbersome – to say the least. We want a simple, effective, web based CRM and ClientLook is that. The guys who run it know commercial real estate and get how we need to use it. Love the scoop page with the running activity log of all team members’ activities. Great to populate a deal and link all the players. In my opinion Apto was a time drain. ClientLook had us painlessly up and running at maximum effectiveness overnight.

Author's imageNathan PellowSenior Vice President, Colliers International

We spent weeks looking at CRMs and decided on ClientLook. It’s so easy to navigate. They imported all my contacts and properties. We made the right choice!

Author's imageZachary LeBeoufNewmark Cornish & Carey

I have been a ClientLook subscriber for three months now. I have relied very heavily on free bi-weekly 30 minute training sessions and am thrilled with the results that I am seeing. I have no doubt that ClientLook has allowed me to be much more productive than I otherwise would be. This allows me to provide better service to more clients. The newly released iPhone app has made it even easier for me to keep deals moving while I am out of the office.

Author's imageLon LloydDirector of Investment Sales, Champions DFW Realty

After researching all CRM options back in 2016, I decided to go with ClientLook because of their history with the old ACT! CRM product, which I had used back in the ’90’s, and the affordable price. Overall I am very satisfied as it does everything I need and then some. Their customer support, training delivery, and ongoing product enhancements is second to none and I would certainly recommend ClientLook as the best option for a cloud-based CRE broker CRM solution.

Author's imageDouglas TiceAssociate Broker, General Land Company

Clientlook is easy to use and really understands its clientele: CRE professionals. They are continually growing and adding useful features. Their Success Managers, such as Greg Hoard, have been very helpful in refining my database so that I am set up for success. I look forward to my continued use of Clientlook CRM and to see it grow.

Author's imagePeter CameronAssociate, NAI Capital

Clientlook has been the tool my company has used to optimize time prospecting and conducting research. It has brought us to new heights on an easy to use platform. With the unmatched customer service we have experienced paired with the ability to easily manage contacts, it is much easier to spend valuable time brokering deals instead of fighting a complicated CRM.

Author's imageSam MahlerAssociate Broker, The Estes Group

I’ve really enjoyed the support of the virtual assistant to free my time up for the more important activities. Overall I’m very satisfied with ClientLook.

Author's imageJake AmmonAdvisor, SVN Alliance

Client look has provided me to capitalize on all the time lost entering and managing deals. Without this amazing CRM I wouldn’t be able to move the amount of product our company moves. I would rate this the best CRM service out their for commercial real estate brokers in the industry.

Author's imageBlake HaggettBroker, KZB Commercial
  • ClientLook is best in class. As a CRM it delivers a new level of simplicity, convenience and power that we’ve never seen before in a commercial real estate technology solution.

    Author's imageMichael J. Lipsey, CCIM, CRB, CPM, MICPPresident, The Lipsey Company
  • ClientLook CRM and their Virtual Assistant have put the fun back into CRE. I’m at least 30% more efficient in my daily business. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

    Author's imageMichael E. Dreyer, CCIMColdwell Banker Commercial
Case Studies

For over two decades, I used a competitive CRM that was a desk top product. I evolved with that CRM through MS-DOS, to Windows to cloud-based. Even though our business is rapidly changing, that CRM was antiquated and stuck in the early 2000s. It didn’t afford me the mobile flexibility I demanded. Additionally, the sites I deal with most often like BuildOut for listing syndication, ProspectNow for ownership information, MailChimp for email marketing, and AnalystPro for analytics didn’t talk to each other or to my CRM. I am pleased to say, ClientLook solved all of those problems for me in one sweet solution. Read full review.

Author's imageAllen C. BuchananPrincipal, Lee & Associates

I have seen a direct correlation with the guys in my office who make a lot of money and use ClientLook. There’s value in seeing deal amounts and commission values tied to each transaction. The guys who are using ClientLook consistently are the ones who are making more money and are having more success in this business. Read full review.

Author's imageJustin LangloisManaging Director, SVN

Our overall experience with ClientLook has been very good! The customer service support is top notch; the platform is easy to use and intuitive and it provides us with all of the tools that we need to run our day-to-day business. ClientLook is a key component in all aspects of our brokerage business. Prospecting for business, winning assignments, and fulfilling client requirements are integrated into our team ClientLook account. The fact that it is a web-based platform is a huge advantage since we can log-in from anywhere, and now with the new iPhone app we are constantly connected. ClientLook has been a great way for our team to stay organized allowing for rapid growth. Read full review.

Author's imageEric Larkin, CCIMPartner, NAI Vegas

We started using ClientLook in 2014 and our experience has been wonderful. I oversee teams that cover three states in two regions of the county, and we all use ClientLook to stay connected and up to date. As the CEO of our group, I like that I can easily review the activity and deals that all of the agents on our team are working on. At any given time, anyone on our team is able to pull up a deal and see the current status. Plus, we always have the information at hand when a client calls and requests an update on their property. ClientLook is a great way to keep everything up to date and easily accessible to everyone on our team – no matter where we are located! Read full review.

Author's imageJanet FaulknerDirector, KW Commercial

ClientLook has been a great tool to keep my team and I on track and organized. It replaces the inefficiency of post-it notes and written to-do lists. We can’t remember most of what we need to do, but ClientLook can. The entire system is very user-friendly. There are three of us on my team and we all benefit from the fact that ClientLook keeps us on track so nothing slips through the cracks. It captures our day-to-day tasks in a way that no other system can. Read full review.

Author's imageBen AlderSenior Advisor, SVN Land Group

After using an Act! based product for the past 20​ years or so, we really needed to upgrade to a current technology. We started researching other CRM’s and narrowed it down to three choices – Apto, RealNex, and ClientLook. Once we tested the products it was clear that ClientLook was the best, and a product that my team would actually use​. It was the easiest to use, and the most intuitive. Out of the “​box” we were up and running! I like that we can track all of our listings, property showing, contacts, and deals all in one place, and they all link to each other, including the marketing done for each property​. If I want to see when a call was made, or when an e-mail blast was sent and where it went, or when the property signs went up, or any other detail about any of our listings, it is all in one place.​ Read full review.

Author's imageMike Giuttari, SIORPresident, MG Commercial Real Estate

ClientLook gives us a history and a simple way to watch all of our listings and properties​. It’s nice to be able to see the history of a property, of a deal, and of a contact. ClientLook keeps track of everything so we can easily pull up a record to see the history and details that we may have forgotten. Our team also uses the client reporting feature to give updates to our clients. ​ Read full review.

Author's imageSteve Martin, CCIMExecutive Director, SVN | The Martin Group

Now that I’m using ClientLook I’m not leaving money on the table. ClientLook has improved my communication with my team. I also love how easy it is to attach information to deals and client information, and with the blessing of the Virtual Assistant service I am so much more productive than I have ever been. With ClientLook, I have doubled my income this year, and I doubled my income the year before last year as well! Read full review.

Author's imageJon Hammond, CCIMDirector, KW Commercial

I like that I can keep track of everything in ClientLook. If a deal gets derailed and then picked up again later, it’s nice to be able to easily reference the previous communication about that deal. I make notes about my contacts, properties, and deals as a way to capture the human part of the business. ClientLook is like my memory bank; it helps me to be present with people and bring back the human connection that is often missing with today’s advanced technology. Read full review.

Author's imageJenn LimogesBroker, NAI

Sign up with ClientLook! Seriously! Remember that the best CRM is the one that you will use, so subscribe to a CRM that is easy to use, fully functional, and is 100% commercial real estate focused. ClientLook is backed by some of the best people in the industry and was created specifically for commercial real estate professionals. If this is your industry, choosing ClientLook is a must.​ Read full review.

Author's imageBrad FoxSenior Associate, NAI Capital

Our entire office uses ClientLook and it has literally changed the way we do business as a company. It has allowed us to share information, communicate more efficiently, and has created a great synergy among the agents and myself. It has also helped us to organize our database and have stronger relationships with our vendors.​ Read full review.

Author's imageMichael GuggenheimPresident, Guggenheim Commercial

I was previously using REAapps, but it was extremely detailed and overwhelming. At my company, we have access to Salesforce, and I have tried APTO in the past, but they were all hard to work with and too complex. ClientLook is easy for me so I can focus on making more sales.​ Read full review.

Author's imageArturo AdonayAssociate, Marcus & Millichap

ClientLook has helped me be more consistent with follow up activities and tasks, and provides me with a reminder to stay on top of clients that I want to follow up with. It has also helped to simplify all of my data since I can easily access all of the contacts for a specific company in one location. ClientLook has also helped me manage my pipeline and day to day activities much better than I was previously.​ Read full review.

Author's imageDavid BoltSenior Vice President, Lee & Associates

I was previously using Salesforce (Power Broker); however, it was too difficult and they offered no support. I then switched over to using Contactually, but that service wasn’t any better. I also looked into Apto. None of these other CRM companies offered everything that ClientLook offers, so making the switch was an easy decision. I watched several of Michael Griffin’s videos and he seems so passionate about the company; plus I like that ClientLook was built specifically for commercial real estate agents. I needed a simple CRM with a great customer support team who can answer my questions, and the Virtual Assistant was a huge bonus. You get so much with ClientLook! It’s an excellent value.​ Read full review.

Author's imageGerald LambertSenior Member, Norton Commercial

From the beginning, ClientLook has helped me save countless hours each month since I no longer have to use my own system of keeping track to client files and data. With ClientLook, everything is so much more organized than I could’ve done on my own. ClientLook keeps track of all of my client communications; from emails to files, everything is stored in one place. Now that I am saving so much time, I can service my clients even better!​ Read full review.

Author's imageBob RichAdvisor, SVN

The number one thing that I love about ClientLook is being able to relate owners to each property. Our ability to farm and prospect owners has dramatically improved since we started using ClientLook. The system helps us keep track of everything from properties, to buyer information, to property marketing. There are currently five people on our team and we all utilize the database every day. Read full review.

Author's imageGreg FitzgeraldFounder, Tri-Oak Consulting Group - A KW Commercial Affiliate

We chose ClientLook because it is very easy to use and there is a lot of value in the platform. I liked all of the built-in integrations so there is no redundancy in data entry. Also, the fact that Michael Griffin is the one behind the company gave me the confidence I needed to make the switch. The team at ClientLook knows commercial real estate, so they understand our needs. The people make a huge difference; plus, it’s great that I can always call or email and get a reply quickly from an actual person. That’s rare these days.​ Read full review.

Author's imageTodd PayneManaging Director, Coldwell Banker Commercial

I started using ClientLook about ten years ago. Since then, SVN switched to using Apto but I chose to stay with ClientLook because I was already comfortable with the system. I have to admit that I tried to use Apto, but the system isn’t user-friendly and they didn’t offer any customer support. I could have Apto for free, but ClientLook offers so much value that it’s worth it to me to have a CRM that I can fully utilize, works seamlessly, and offers exceptional customer support.​ Read full review.

Author's imageAlex RuggieriSenior Advisor, SVN

Personally, I have witnessed a significant increase in the business of those agents that embrace ClientLook and who choose to work from their own database to bring deals together. Our team leaders greatest source of business is his own database so it stands to reason that working in the system each day, and updating ClientLook with the content of the conversations he is having, allows him to always be having productive conversations.​ Read full review.

Author's imageKristine LaPorteDirector of Operations, KW Commercial

I chose ClientLook for three reasons. First, I really like the strong integration between BuildOut, MailChimp, and ClientLook. Second, the Virtual Assistant team is wonderful! Third, the support that ClientLook offers is remarkable.​ Read full review.

Author's imageRobert GreenleeManaging Director, SVN

Prior to joining Cherry and Associates, I worked with two international CRE firms. I was involved in the decision process of one of those firms to start using a different CRM, but not as many people utilized it as I had originally hoped because it was too difficult to use. People tend to get caught up in all of the details and they forget that a CRM is supposed to help you save time and be more organized. Other CRM’s are so complicated that you spend too much time organizing the data and you’re left with not enough time to go out and win business. Read full review.

Author's imageDrew McDanielAssociate, Cherry & Associates

I have had several calls with Greg Hoard (a ClientLook Success Manager) and it’s been an excellent experience, he not only understands the software he understands the brokerage business. He has stayed on top of me to help me fully engage in using the system to it’s full potential. I like that Greg is enthusiastic and acts like my cheerleader. Plus, whenever I have a question or a problem the support team is always quick to respond. Read full review.

Author's imageDon MorrowSenior Vice President, NAI Horizon

I love the ClientLook system and I think every broker should give it a try. The New To Business program gave me time to get past the learning curve and really understand how to fully utilize the system in my new business. With ClientLook, I’m not just paying for the software, but the Virtual Assistant has taken the burden off me of doing clerical work since I don’t have an assistant in the office. Everything about ClientLook saves me time! From the VA to its superior ability to link my contacts with my deals and properties in an intuitive manner that makes it easy for me to go back and find information. Read full review.

Author's imageRussell BaumRealtor, Arlington Realty

When we first started in the commercial real estate industry, we didn’t have a CRM. However, as our business was growing we were reading industry related blogs and kept seeing information about ClientLook; so, we watched a few of the ClientLook videos and decided to sign up for the free trial. We also looked into Apto, ACT, and RealNex but ClientLook made the most sense to us. ClientLook is the best CRM for commercial real estate and is the easiest to use. Chris Griffin gave us a great demo about all of the features and explained to us that ClientLook is designed to be intuitive, so training isn’t required. That was a huge selling point for us! It’s nice to know that you offer unlimited training and support if we need it, but the system is so simple we don’t need to utilize it often.​ Read full review.

Author's imageDoug Holtzman & Brandon KosekSenior Associate & Associate, Guggenheim Commercial

It was very easy to get started with ClientLook. I had my contacts saved in an Excel spreadsheet, so I sent that over to the ClientLook team and they handled getting everything uploaded. Now, I handle everything manually, but it’s incredibly easy to add new contacts, companies, and updates. Since I had not used a CRM before, I devoted my time to learning how to use ClientLook properly. I realized the more I used the software, and the more information I added into my database, the more efficient I became. The system has been user-friendly since the beginning, but my training sessions with Greg allowed me to ask specific questions so I was able to be as efficient as possible. Read full review.

Author's imageCaleb HodgeAssociate, NAI Capital

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