ClientLook review by Bo Barron, CCIM

  • Bo Barron, CCIM

  • Bo Barron, CCIM
    Managing Director
    Sperry Van Ness / The Barron Group

    “Simply put, I use ClientLook for everything.”

Bo Barron is someone who leads by example through his adoption of the latest technology tools. We interviewed him recently to learn why he converted his office to ClientLook CRM.

What CRM did you use prior to ClientLook, and why did you switch?

Bo: Before switching to ClientLook, I used and loved REA9. If not for ClientLook, I would still happily use REA9. However, I took a hard look at ClientLook because it was offered to us for free through my company’s national license. What I found was a very simple and cloud-based CRM solution that made me more mobile than ever. I can and do use ClientLook from my iPhone and iPad, and it works seamlessly. That combined with the ClientLook mobile sync has increased my productivity on the go – exactly what I was looking for.

Further, ClientLook is by far the most cost effective way to get my entire team to use one shared database. This is huge in managing and participating in a team environment. I can see what my Advisors are doing and they can see what I am doing. I can see if my team is making the necessary prospecting calls to keep our pipelines full. The ClientLook reporting function allows us to easily and efficiently keep our clients up to date on how we are serving their best interests. More than that, because of the shared database, my assistant can accomplish the regular reporting with no direct involvement from me. This saves precious time.

How do you use ClientLook to increase productivity?

Bo: Simply put, I use ClientLook for everything. I record each call and easily link it to contacts and projects. I use it for my calendar with its seamless ability to sync with my Google calendar and then my iPhone. I use it to manage my tasks so that nothing falls through the cracks. I also use it to create call lists every afternoon for the next morning. I also use the custom fields ability to track needs analysis information for every prospect.

How do you use ClientLook to win new business and/or cut costs?

Bo: This is where ClientLook excels. We all know that one of the biggest complaints our clients have of us is that we don’t keep them in the loop. They don’t know what we are doing to sell their property or accomplish their goal. By utilizing the collaborative transaction management capability of ClientLook, I can give me clients access to their project so that they can log on at any time and not only see what is being done on their behalf, but also hold me and my team accountable for the promises we made. I use this as a benefit to entice prospects to choose our team over our competition, and since I have done this, we have not lost a listing. This is a powerful benefit to offer our clients and win business. This also forces us to cut the BS. Under-promise and over-deliver, or your clients will know and have the proof to justify taking their business elsewhere.

And since Sperry Van Ness is providing ClientLook to all of us, there is no more cost effective way to manage your business, oversee your team, and provide an accountability mechanism to your clients – all in the cloud.

How has ClientLook benefited your communication with others both inside and outside your company?

Bo: It’s so easy for my team to see what we are all working on and how we are fulfilling our roles. This cuts out wasted meetings and makes us more efficient users of our most valuable resource – our time. ClientLook Scoop is also a fantastic vehicle to strengthen the culture of cooperation within the entire organization of SVN advisors. It allows us to benefit from our collective knowledge and expertise. It is also a great way to stay connected to the many great advisors that I am blessed to call friends.

Would you recommend ClientLook to other Advisors at your company?

Bo: Without hesitation I recommend ClientLook to any SVN advisor. Clientlook is exactly what we need it to be. More than that, Michael Griffin and his team are interested and heavily invested in making this a tool with the sharp edge that gives SVN advisors a more pronounced competitive edge. They listen to our suggestions and continually improve upon their product. They are easy to reach for support, and always willing to listen.

About Bo Barron, CCIM
Bo Barron, CCIM serves as Managing Director for Sperry Van Ness/The Barron Group, specializing in tenant representation and the sale and leasing of retail, office and multifamily property in Western Kentucky. In addition to creating over $45 million dollars for his clients, Barron regularly presents to national audiences regarding creating presence through the use of Social Media.

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