ClientLook System Release

ClientLook system release

All of our hard work has finally paid off. ClientLook went live today and the application is running great. We are grateful for our diligent software testers who have been providing feedback since October. They made sure that we resolved any outstanding issues. We have now begun our marketing campaigns to commercial real estate professionals nationwide.

We spent time recently meeting with commercial property owners even though their access to ClientLook is free through their brokers. Their reaction to our service surprised us as they expressed their strong desire for the kind of consistent and timely reporting capabilities we demonstrated. Several even planned to make ClientLook a requirement for their 3rd party brokers. It turns out that communication is even more important than we thought.

We’ve started collecting suggestions from ClientLook subscribers for future enhancements. Our development cycle is ongoing and, since upgrades are included with our service, subscribers will enjoy product improvements as they are released. We look forward to a busy 2009 and hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate how ClientLook can benefit your business. Contact us to arrange a personalized overview for your team.

Michael Griffin
CEO and Founder
ClientLook, Ltd.

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Michael Griffin - ClientLook, Founder

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