ClientLook Property Tracking System Released

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Track Properties In ClientLook CRM

The new Property Tracking System has been deployed within the ClientLook commercial real estate CRM. This release marks the culmination of more than a year of research, software development and industry collaboration.

ClientLook’s new property tracking system is the first natively designed commercial real estate property module that also integrates CRM features, deal/pipeline management and real-time client collaboration.

Nothing else compares

“Property tracking allows ClientLook CRM to service the technology needs of the industry in a whole new way. We architected every feature based on the incredible feedback we received from the market.” said Michael Griffin, ClientLook’s founder.

“Tracking real estate in a CRM can be complex, and there are lots of ways to do it wrong.” commented Michael Griffin. “ClientLook is different because we’re able to distill challenging features into easy workflow. Nobody has ever done that before. It’s our competitive advantage.” described Michael.

New features

The Property Tracking System turns the ClientLook commercial real estate CRM software into a fully featured all-in-one solution. The core CRM has been enhanced with these new capabilities:

  1. Track unlimited commercial real estate properties
  2. Personalize everything by adding custom fields
  3. Store full-sized building photos and floor plans
  4. Organize property-related files, documents, etc.
  5. Link ClientLook CRM contacts to one or more properties
  6. Link deals including updates, emails and more
  7. Import properties from outside data sources

What’s next

ClientLook’s new property tracking system establishes a new foundation from which many future features will be established. Check out our product roadmap for more details.

Video introduction by Michael Griffin

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