ClientLook optimization

ClientLook optimization

We just wanted to pass along the scoop on our recent internal efforts at optimization. What is optimization? It’s the process of optimizing performance of software code, server architecture and database design. It’s the way we make ClientLook faster.

We need to focus on optimization because our user base is growing dramatically each month. This is a good problem. Our solution is to deliver commercial real estate CRM software that’s finely tuned and able to keep up with the needs of our users.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve dug through ClientLook to figure out ways to refine our system. We’ve implemented a few initial changes, and we’ve got a lot more planned. We’ve come up with some pretty cool ways to make our user’s experience even better.

The next upgrade to ClientLook (due in a couple of weeks) will feature a streamlined interface that should really crank up productivity. Just about everything should work significantly faster allowing you to accomplish even more with our cloud-based CRM.

As always we’re eager for your feedback and feature suggestions so please keep them coming. In the meantime we’ll be sure to let you know when the free upgrade is available.

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