ClientLook Infrastructure Upgrade

ClientLook Infrastructure Upgrade

This morning ClientLook completed an upgrade to its infrastructure due to the rapid growth experienced after the acquisition by LightBox. In fact despite a challenging commercial real estate market, 2020 was the most successful year in our company’s history.

A hardware upgrade was necessary in order to better serve existing subscribers today, and to set the stage for the deployment of a whole new LightBox CRM platform in the future.

Do I have to learn new features?

This upgrade did not involve any modifications to the standard features of ClientLook today. The look and feel of ClientLook is not changing yet, so there is nothing new to learn. It should be business as usual for you.

What benefits will this upgrade provide?

Some of the benefits like enhanced site security, improved scalability and greater redundancy probably won’t be very noticeable. However we do hope that this upgrade will positively affect performance and reliability, which should make just about everything you do in ClientLook easier and faster.

What new features are planned for the future?

We’re hard at working creating a whole new ClientLook. Our intention is to combine our intuitive CRM features with the property data, marketing, reporting and mapping features of other LightBox products into one powerful broker solution.

While we don’t have a release date to announce yet, we’ll be providing periodic progress reports. If you’re interested in contributing ideas and being a part of this transition, then join our Product Council.

Have Any Questions?

Our team is standing by in case you have any questions. Contact us anytime.

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