ClientLook 2017 Winter Release Announcement

ClientLook 2017 Winter Release Announcement

We just deployed our biggest upgrade ever. The changes were automatically applied to all ClientLook users accounts. The new release contains some exciting new features including a new listings module and integration with Xceligent.

We had a record breaking webinar on January 5th to showcase everything. In case you missed the presentation, here’s a video of the full 60-minute session. Below that is a more detail summary of what’s new.

Manage your listings company-wide

  • One of the problems that ClientLook users told us about was their inability to manage their own listings. If you’re a listing broker then you know the pain involved with organizing all the details of your availability, their related images, expirations, etc. We’re thrilled to provide the perfect solution.

    ClientLook now includes an internal listing management module designed to make it easy to manage every detail of yours lease and sale availability. We’ve even trained our Virtual Assistant team to help you process any listing updates you submit. In addition, you can publish your listings into a growing list of online services (described below).

    There is no easier way to manage listings company-wide.

  • clientlook listings management module

Integration with Xceligent

  • download from 3rd party

  • ClientLook now features Xceligent integration. This release represents the initial phase first of this exclusive partnership. It’s the first time a CRM and commercial real estate research system have been fused. The goal was to combine the research resources of Xceligent with the CRM features of ClientLook. It enables a whole new way for Xceligent subscribers to experience research intelligence, and allows ClientLook users to be even more productive and efficient.

    ClientLook users can instantly download any of Xceligent’s 1 million properties into their personal property module. Xceligent properties downloaded into ClientLook remain “connected” to the Xceligent research system. Real-time updates for availability, comps, tenants, ownership, images and public record data appear every time the property is loaded in ClientLook.

Publish listings in CommercialSearch

  • Maintain your listings in ClientLook, and publish them online in the CommercialSearch national listing marketplace. It’s a simple way to exposure your listing (for free) to a huge audience while eliminating redundant data entry.

    In CommercialSearch you can enable automatic ClientLook lead capture too. This sends any leads generated from your CommercialSearch listings to the Virtual Assistant team for processing in your ClientLook account.

  • commercialsearch-integration

Next generation Buildout integration

This upgrade includes the next generation of integration with Buildout. The new features include:

  • Buildout integration

    • Publish new ClientLook listings in Buildout to eliminate redundant data entry.
    • Automatically send any listing edits to Buildout.
    • Publishing includes listing photos for use in marketing materials.
    • Ability to download properties from Buildout into your ClientLook property module.

Upgraded MailChimp integration

  • We rewrote much of the core functionality from our popular MailChimp integration to take advantage of new refinements in their API. This includes refinements to:

    • MailChimp campaign creation and scheduling in ClientLook.
    • Display of recipient engagement data within the contact record.
    • Viewing and navigation of MailChimp templates.
  • Connect to MailChimp

Other improvements and bug fixes

With each new release we try to resolve as many outstanding bugs as possible. We also try to incorporate refinements to improve the overall experience. This time around we added the following:

  • We’re starting to phase in a completely redesigned user interface that you’ll see within the property and listing detail pages. You’ll notice this within the property and listing detail pages. They span the entire width of the page now.
  • New list views for faster display and navigation of contacts, companies, properties and listings.
  • New export options in addition to Excel including PDF, Word, CSV and HMTL.
  • Resolved a bug that caused some tasks to disappear.
  • Lots and lots of other minor stuff that you probably never even noticed needed fixing.

For a detailed list of all features included in the ClientLook 2017 Winter Release visit our Product Roadmap.

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