Changes to “Groups” in ClientLook CRM

Changes to “Groups” in ClientLook CRM

manage contacts in groups

Groups are a great way to organize data in your ClientLook commercial real estate CRM account. You can create a group in any module to segment contacts, companies, deals and properties. Individual records can then be added to as many groups as you deem appropriate.

For example, a contact might be a member of several groups: Broker mailing list, Hot leads, 2015 Charity Golf Tournament, etc.

Groups feature improved

We are constantly refining ClientLook features to be increasingly intuitive and functional. Just about everything we do has been shaped by direct input from the commercial real estate community. The “Groups” feature in ClientLook was recently updated to be even more easy to use. Below are some of the refinements.

Add or edit a group

To create or edit a group, go to the Groups section within the Setup module. Access the Setup module by clicking your name in the upper right corner of any page. The Groups section allows you to add or edit groups for all ClientLook modules.

View group members

To pull up a group of records, simply select a group name from the “Show” menu within any list view. The “Show” menu always defaults to “Recent”, which includes the 25 records most recently edited or viewed. Select “All” to view all records in that module.

Manage a record’s group membership

To add a record to a group, simply select the “Groups” tab on a contact, company, deal or property detail page. Click the “Manage group membership” button to add or remove a record from one or more groups.

Add multiple records to a group

The list view of any module also allows you to add or remove multiple records from a group at one time. After selecting records in the list, click the “Options” menu. Here you’ll be able to add all the selected record to a group. If you’ve previously selected a group name from the “Show” menu, the “Options” menu will also have an option to remove the selected records from the group.

Video tutorial

Want to see all the new features in action? Check out this quick video tutorial.

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