CCIM Integrates ClientLook in CCIMREDEX

CCIM integrates ClientLook into CCIMREDEX

Chicago, IL – CCIM TECH has entered into an agreement with ClientLook to become the newest service to integrate with the CCIMREDEX technology platform. ClientLook is a project collaboration system that assists real estate professionals in organizing and sharing project related updates, emails and documents online.

“CCIMREDEX is a technology tool that benefits our users by allowing them to enter their property information one time in a central location. Once entered in CCIMREDEX, users can share their information with third party applications that are integrated into CCIMREDEX”, explains Todd A. Kuhlmann, CCIM and Director of CCIMREDEX. “ClientLook adds online project collaboration and document sharing to CCIMREDEX allowing our users to share project updates, emails and documents for each property in real-time with anyone involved in a transaction.”

Michael Griffin, President & CEO of ClientLook says “We’re thrilled to offer an online transaction management platform for CCIMREDEX. Our subscribers are eager for integration with the property data exchange and recognize the benefits an all-in-one solution provides.”

Subscribers of third party applications such as ClientLook, which focus on commercial real estate services, benefit from the expanded features within CCIMREDEX. All users become more efficient and productive by entering information only once in CCIMREDEX.

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