Building Your CRE Brand Via Your CRM

build your brand with crm

Building Your Commercial Real Estate Brand Via Your CRM

There are so many benefits of using a cloud-based CRM as a part of your commercial real estate software toolkit. You’ll have the ability to build better relationships with current and future clients. Plus, you’ll also be engaging a powerful engine to build your personal brand and identity. Building a brand takes time and dedication and having the right tools and systems to support you can mean all the difference in your success.

In order to build your brand effectively, your brand has to represent you and the quality of service you provide. A CRM can help you step-up your game when it comes to marketing, communication, and transparency — allowing you to build a brand known for providing unparalleled customer service.

CRMs provide users the ability to segment their contacts by “sales buckets” — perhaps a prospect is a buyer, seller, investor, or tenant. This allows you to custom-tailor any messaging to the specific audience you are targeting. When you’re providing valuable information that is both interesting and helpful, your prospects are more likely to read it and engage with you. This puts your brand in front of them more often.

Creating a consistent rhythm of communication is an important part of building your brand. You’ll want to consider the types of content that you’ll be sending, and have a system in place that make it easy to drip market to your sphere. Look for a CRM that integrates with email marketing systems like MailChimp, for example. This will help ensure that you’re consistently able to send quality content that is building greater exposure.

For brand-building, consistency is key. If you’re going to send out a property flyer every week, for example, make sure you commit to doing it. Your CRM should allow you to “set it” and “forget it” so that you can focus on other things.

CRM systems manage contacts, help with marketing, and keep your communication organized and detailed — all in one place. There’s no doubt that when it is used efficiently, a CRM system will greatly improve your business overall, and can help to provide a unified brand message.

CRM systems help you focus on what you do best — transact commercial real estate! Don’t underestimate how much a CRM system like ClientLook can help build your brand and make lead conversion easier. Contact us today to get started and let’s see how we can effectively market your brand.

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