How To Build Your CRE Business From Your Home Office

How To Build Your CRE Business From Your Home Office

Build Your CRE Business From Your Home Office

It’s safe to assume that this year hasn’t turned out like most people planned. Due to COVID-19, the way we do business has completely changed. With offices closed, and restrictions in almost every industry, it’s a challenging time to be a commercial real estate broker. Since we can’t change the circumstances, we need to pivot our plans to make the most of the new situation. Continue to build your CRE business from your home office with these tips:

Make New Connections

Commercial real estate is all about relationships. While it’s essential to be an expert in your market, being able to get new leads and find new clients is an important element to growing your business. Working from your home office is the perfect time to make new connections. Reach out to people on LinkedIn to introduce yourself; pick up the phone and make some cold calls; email people who have signed up to receive your email marketing updates. Even though you’re “social distancing” from others while working from home, you still need to be social by reaching out to several people each day. Set aside an hour or two at the beginning – or end – of the day to make new connections. When you reach out to someone new, find out how you can help them. What problem is that person facing that you can solve? What value can you offer them? Show that you truly care about their needs, and you will be on your way to building a strong connection.

Cultivate Existing Relationships

Your current and past clients can be a source of continued work for you in the future, so be sure to stay on the top of their mind. Similar to above, you want to reach out to your connections to add value to them in some way. Keep your connections up to date on the current market in your area. Let them know if a property is available that may suit their needs, or see if there is anything you can do to help their business during this unprecedented time. Can you help a past client to renegotiate their lease; help another client with subleasing their space; or help an investor acquire new properties? Don’t lose sight of the areas that you specialize in and the role you play in working with your clients. Your services are extremely valuable, and your work can be completed from your home office with a few slight modifications. Even if commercial real estate deals have slowed down for you, maintaining strong relationships with your past clients will make a big impact on your future business goals.

Focus On The Business

Now is the perfect time to focus on your internal business items. Focus on your marketing efforts and put together a new strategy to reach a wider audience. You can update your website, start a blog, post consistently on social media, and start sending a monthly email newsletter. Organize your business with a commercial real estate CRM software, like ClientLook. Having all of your contacts, properties, deals, listings, and tasks in one place will boost your efficiency and free up time for you to focus on other areas of your business. Update your CRM with the help of our exclusive Virtual Assistant team, and streamline your email marketing efforts with our Mailchimp integration. While the business side of things is always an important area to focus on, now is a great time to get everything as organized as possible.

Continue To Grow

How can you continue to learn and grow during these times? Stay focused on your local market, as well as how the industry is changing due to COVID-19. Your clients are going to look to you as the CRE expert, so you want to be able to accurately answer their questions and share your opinion with them. Outside of CRE, focus on personal development and ways to better yourself. You can read books, listen to business podcasts, and learn new skills that you can use in your business.

The team at ClientLook CRM is here to help you. If you’re not a ClientLook subscriber, schedule a demo today to see how we can help you get organized, boost your productivity, and build your CRE business from your home office.

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