ClientLook’s Best CRE Blogs of 2018

ClientLook’s Best CRE Blogs of 2018

We posted a ton of blog posts in 2018 that the entire commercial real estate community can benefit from. As a way to kick off the new year, we wanted to highlight the posts that seemed to resonate the most with our readers.

As we get started with 2019, take a look at these helpful posts so you can hit the ground running:

The Top 5 Ways To Become A CRE Power Broker

  • Welcome to commercial real estate; where the sky is the limit and big dreams can become reality. This industry isn’t for the weak or light-hearted, but those who are passionate, persistent, and ambitious can become the best of the best. Here are the top five ways to become a power broker, and how our commercial real estate software can help get you there:

    1. Communication is key
    2. Value your clients
    3. Be involved
    4. Build your personal brand
    5. Use a CRM
    I want to become a Power Broker
  • Ways To Become A CRE Power Broker

How CRE Professionals Can Boost Their Productivity

  • How CRE Professionals Can Boost Their Productivity

  • There’s only 24 hours in a day, yet some commercial real estate professionals are way more productive than others. What do they do that you don’t? How are they using their time more efficiently than you are? Learn how you can boost your productivity with these tips:

    1. Make a plan
    2. Use a Virtual Assistant
    3. Don’t procrastinate
    4. Use a CRM
    Show me how to boost my productivity

Winter 2018 Release

  • We’re taking ClientLook to a whole new level with the Winter 2018 Release that was recently deployed to all accounts. The industry’s most used all-in-one commercial real estate CRM software just got even better. We added loads of new features, streamlined existing workflows, and further simplified our award winning user interface.

    Plus, our iPhone and Android mobile apps have also been updated to take advantage of all this new functionality.

    We think you’ve love the enhancements.

    Show me the new features
  • celebrate ClientLook upgrade

Five Ways To Market Your Commercial Real Estate Business

  • Market Your Commercial Real Estate Business

  • In today’s competitive market there’s no shortage of potential ways to market yourself and your commercial real estate business, but finding the right strategy is not an easy feat. Successful marketing strategies take time and you will typically need to involve a variety of strategies to reach a wider audience. Here are some marketing strategies that should be part of your marketing practices:

    1. Email marketing
    2. Online listings
    3. Marketing materials
    4. Social media
    5. Utilize your CRM
    Help me market my business

Leverage Our Exclusive Virtual Assistant Team To Accomplish More

  • By now I’m sure you’ve heard that our commercial real estate software subscription includes our exclusive Virtual Assistant team. The VA’s are one of our most popular features, and for good reason.

    Not only does having a VA save you a ton of time, but it also allows you to focus on the work that will boost your bottom line. As a commercial real estate broker, there’s no reason for you to be inputting contact information from a business card, or scheduling a follow up reminder, when we have a team readily available to help you with those tasks.

    Why should I use the Virtual Assistant?
  • Virtual Assistant for Commercial Real Estate

The Top 5 Traits of Successful Commercial Real Estate Brokers

  • Top 5 Traits of Successful Commercial Real Estate Brokers

  • Professionals in this industry will tell you that it can be difficult to break into, and everyday they are hustling to get new clients and close deals, all while working to keep their future pipeline full. These top five traits will have a huge impact on your success as well:

    1. They’re persistent
    2. They’re honest
    3. They utilize technology
    4. They network
    5. They never stop learning
    Tell me more about these traits

How To Get The Most Out of Your Commercial Real Estate CRM

  • Garbage in, garbage out. It’s an old adage we’ve all heard before, but nowhere is it more applicable than with your commercial real estate CRM software. Your CRM is one of your most valuable business assets, but it’s a give and take relationship – you get out of it what you put into it. It’s easy to dump a bunch of incomplete data into your system, or to fail to update (or weed out) contacts over the years – but you are doing yourself a disservice by not keeping your data clean and accurate.

    Get the most out of your CRM with these tips.

    Show me the tips!
  • Get The Most Out Of Your Commercial Real Estate CRM

The Benefits of A Mobile CRM For Your CRE Business

  • Benefits of A Mobile CRM For CRE

  • I’m sure you know the benefits of a CRM for your commercial real estate business, but have you taken full advantage of the benefits of having a mobile CRM? As a busy CRE professional, your days are spent touring properties, meeting with clients, prospecting, writing up proposals, and much more. No two days are alike; some days you may be at the office and other days you may be going from place to place all day long.

    A CRM is only valuable if you use it, so having access to a mobile CRM that you can utilize anytime, anywhere is ideal. Let’s dive into the benefits of having a mobile CRM.

    Show me the benefits of a mobile CRM

Get Six Months Free With Our New To The Business Program

  • Have you heard the news?! ClientLook is thrilled to offer our commercial real estate software at no cost for six months as part of our New To Business program. Yes, you read that correctly; get our CRM for FREE for six months if you’re a new broker that’s just starting your career in the commercial real estate industry.

    You’ll have access to all of our amazing features, plus you will receive special attention from our Customer Success and Virtual Assistant teams who have years of experience in helping create the industry’s top professionals.

    Who qualifies to get six months free?
  • Free CRM New To Business Program

The Bottom Line

ClientLook is proud to be the only all-in-one CRM software that was built specifically for the commercial real estate industry. See how ClientLook CRM can help you save time, make more money, and win more deals. Schedule a demo today to see how we can help you transform your business.

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