Avoid These Deal Killers With An All-In-One System

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Avoid These Deal Killers With An All-In-One System

Commercial real estate technology is grand. Digital tools are changing the industry for the better, but taking a piecemeal approach can be counterproductive, to put it mildly. As more of us move to adopt tech tools to increase efficiency and performance, we’re learning to avoid the dreaded “information silo.” Here are some ways that falling into that pit of despair can put a crimp in your success.

Difficulty accessing relevant data

Having a lot of data can be a very good thing, but if it’s separated into numerous databases and applications, it can be a cumbersome mess. This completely defeats the purpose of digital tools, which is to boost performance, right?

Modern CRMs for commercial real estate link information across a variety of areas, including contacts, properties, deal management and more. With everything in one place, you can be more effective and efficient in gathering the information you need –and updates entered once will populate throughout the system automatically.

“I’ll send you that info when I get back to the office…”

Thank you for playing. Chances are a delay in responding to inquiries will cost you a client. With an all-in-one online solution, your clients and prospects could have access to virtually any information they need no matter where they are. Quick response times are absolutely key to earning trust and developing a relationship with potential clients. You’ll be delivering an unrivaled level of service.

Generic or irrelevant messaging

Email marketing can be highly effective if done correctly. Make sure your messages do not begin with “dear recipient”, or reference opportunities that have little relevance. Subsequent communications are likely to be ignored, and there’s no quicker way to get hit with an unsubscribe.

It can be time-consuming to match the message with the lead, but it’s fairly straightforward with all-in-one CRM. Extensive data on contacts can be maintained in a central location and their activities can be monitored and analyzed for you. Knowing someone’s preferred avenue of communication can increase your chances of reaching them. This way you’ll send email to prospects who want to hear from you and are more likely to engage.

Failing to identify what’s not working

A problem that can arise with isolated data is an inability to see which strategies are not effective. This is especially important with email campaigns. Without hard data, it can be very difficult to judge what is or isn’t working in terms of marketing or transactions.

Find a solution with integrated email marketing to help identify your best prospects. You need contact-specific information on open rates for emails, click-through rates on your links, and views of specific listings, for example. Without this intelligence your lists will become less and less effective over time.

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