How to Avoid Being the Annoying Broker on LinkedIn

Annoying man on LinkedIn

How to Avoid Being the Annoying Broker on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform that can help build your commercial real estate brand and connect you with others who may be able to further your professional goals. But, don’t make the mistake of misusing the platform! Let’s take a look at some things to avoid to ensure you are not annoying the audience you are trying to attract.

Don’t Forget The Purpose of LinkedIn

There are three common reasons why most people use LinkedIn: to highlight a unique value proposition for prospecting purposes, to provide others with valuable information, and to attract top talent. These three purposes are crucial to remember. Be sure you are using the site for its intended purpose.

Don’t Use the Wrong Profile Picture

Don’t use a photo that is unprofessional or that would be unappealing to your target audience. Your photo makes a big initial and lasting impression. Your significant other, pets, children and latest vacation photos should stay out of your LinkedIn photo. You want to focus on the professional side of you, not the personal side. Choose a professional headshot to showcase yourself on LinkedIn.

Don’t Post Too Much

One of the most annoying things a commercial real estate broker can do is focus too much on themselves and their successes, or overdo information about their listings. There is etiquette to posting on LinkedIn. Try not to post more than once or twice a day and try to post truly valuable content that your connections will appreciate. Try sharing CRE articles, research reports or even listings – as long as it isn’t overbearing.

Be Engaging

Social media sites are meant to encourage people to be social in the digital world. If you never respond to comments on your posts or to LinkedIn messages, then you aren’t utilizing all that the platform can offer. Think of all of the connections and potential leads you may be missing out on by not being engaging.

Even if you aren’t interested in what someone is offering, give the courtesy of letting him or her know. There is nothing more frustrating than someone who posts content but never responds when people ask questions or offer their own insight.

Don’t Ask People You Don’t Know For Referrals

It’s annoying when someone you don’t know asks for a referral or a recommendation. If you don’t know someone well enough to be able to speak on their behalf and discuss their value, then there is no way you should be vouching for them. You risk jeopardizing your relationships with your connections and your credibility by giving an unwarranted positive recommendation. It is OK to ask for recommendations and referrals – but from people you know personally and have worked with you.

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