Are Your Brokers Using Their CRM?

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Are Your Brokers Using Their CRM? Here’s How to Help

You are a forward-thinking broker, right? You understand the importance of managing and converting leads and how this is instrumental to the success of your business. In fact, you’ve likely purchased and implemented commercial real estate software designed to assist in these areas —most commonly, a CRM system. But, how can you encourage adoption within your company? As we know, it’s not always easy to get everyone on board with new technology.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your brokers are actually using your CRM.

#1. Choose intuitive software that is easy to use

Nobody invests time in training anymore. Expecting that your brokers will commit time to learn complex commercial real estate software is unrealistic. Adoption failure isn’t the result of a lack of training. It’s more commonly the result of overly complex software that inhibits adoption. The solution? Pick a CRM that that doesn’t require any training.

At ClientLook we have a simple test for all proposed features. We demonstrate the feature to select users and ask them whether they understand its purpose. We don’t provide any explicit explanation (ie. no training). If they get it, then the feature makes the cut. If there’s confusion or misunderstanding then we’ve failed. That feature gets scrapped. It won’t get used since it’s overly complex.

#2. Show them how it saves time and makes money

Time is money in any sales profession. While a CRM cannot add more time to your day, it can help increase productivity and effectiveness with the time you do have. It’s important for your brokers to understand this. Seeing is believing and providing real-life examples will help make your point.

Look for testimonials and videos that illustrate success stories and showcase important features. Quick clips and brief summaries work best. It’s hard to argue with the achievements of other people. If you don’t have internal resources to tap for this then look outside your company. They should not be hard to find.

#3. Help them see the value in being top-of-mind

More often than not, brokers focus on new business and often forget about the clients that helped pave the way for their success. These past clients are often the best source of referrals — not to mention repeat business. Staying in touch with them has amazing benefits.

Tell your brokers how a CRM makes it easy to stay connected to your clients. Ideally nothing falls through the cracks so you have fewer missed opportunities. There’s nothing worse than learning about a competitor who just closed a deal with your broker client. Stress the importance of this to your brokers and provide them with the resources they need to be the best.

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