Announcing Our CRE Tech Reviews

Announcing our commercial real estate technology reviews

We receive lots of requests from our subscribers for recommendations on technology-related products and services for their business. It seems like everyone is looking for an edge. Since our focus is helping people regain lost productivity through technology, we’ve developed a certain level of expertise. We see everything in our marketplace from software and web applications to mobile devices and other hardware. We don’t typically make recommendations, but we’ve started to publish technology reviews.

These reviews allows us to objectively analyze a product or service as it relates specifically to a commercial real estate professional. We published our first article today in our new CRE Tech Reviews section focusing on Google Voice. We’d encourage you to check it out and let us know what you think. We plan to release a new review each month. If you’re not on our email list already, send us your info so we can be sure to include you.

Michael Griffin
CEO and Founder
ClientLook, Ltd.

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Michael Griffin - ClientLook, Founder

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