Adding photos to your contacts

Adding photos to your contacts

Using ClientLook as a commercial real estate CRM means you’ll be managing lots of relationships. Having a photo of your prospects and clients available helps every interaction feel more personal. ClientLook includes a simple feature that makes it easy to display contact photos. Below is a description of how simple it is to add these photos to your contacts.

1. First, find a photo of your contact. There are lots of online sources available including your contact’s own web site. A simple Google image search will usually find one for you rather quickly. Once you find the photo you want, simply right-click on it with your mouse. Choose “Save image” (or similar option, depending on which browser you use) from the menu that comes up, and choose a location to save the photo. Remember which folder you put it in, so you can retrieve it later. Or, just save it to your desktop temporarily.

2. Now in ClientLook go to the appropriate contact’s record a click “Edit this contact” to modify the contact record for that person. In the upper left, you will see a generic graphic containing the image of a person as well as a “Change photo” link. Click this link, and browse to the photo you saved on your computer. It will be uploaded and sized appropriately to fit the box. Then just click “Save this contact” and you’re done!

Incidentally, you can use this same process to attach company logos to your company records, and photos or logos to your real estate projects. So if you have a project for your listing at 123 Main Street, you can attach a photo of the property to the project you created for your listing. And of course, you can attach full size photos to updates in ClientLook using the “Attach file” option.

If you use our Virtual Assistant service, you can always just email those photos to the VA team and ask them to attach them to your contacts for you.

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