Adding photos to contact records in ClientLook

Adding photos to contact records in ClientLook

Adding photos to your contact records in ClientLook is a great way to customize your database. It’s not just a “gee, isn’t that cool” feature, it’s also practical on at least a couple different levels.

Find contact entries quickly in Scoop

In case you missed it, we talked about all the features of Scoop in a recent blog post. As you look through Scoop, you can quickly find previous entries and identify the contacts instantly when you have added photos to their records. The contact’s photo will appear next to the entries related to that person. This makes it very easy to quickly find an entry, as you can instantly scan through the photos faster than you will recognize the written names.

Recognize contacts you have never met

When we attend a convention, such as CCIM, SIOR or ICSC, it amazes me how easily I recognize customers and prospects who I have never met. That’s because we always add their photos to their ClientLook records. After having seen their photo many times in the system, I know who they are before they introduce themselves. It always amazes people when I greet them by name, and they know we have never met in person before.

How to add photos to ClientLook contacts

We grab contact photos from wherever we can find them. Most often, we find them on LinkedIn. (By the way, have you joined the ClientLook CRM group on LinkedIn yet?). We also frequently get photos from the contact’s company web site, or by doing a quick Google search. In most web browsers, you can right-click on the photo and save it to your computer.

Once you have the photo saved, simply edit the contact record in ClientLook. Click the “Change photo” link to the top left corner of the contact record, and browse to the photo you have saved. That’s it! The photo will be automatically sized to fit properly.

Once you start adding photos to your database, you’ll be amazed how much easier it becomes to instantly focus in on relevant entries in the system!

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