Adding an update to multiple deals or contacts

Adding an update to multiple deals or contacts

No one likes to do extra work unnecessarily. ClientLook CRM helps you save time by allowing you to create an entry once, and quickly relate it to more than one project or contact.

Let’s say, for example, that you receive a call from a prospect inquiring about office space, and you discuss three different available listings, each of which is an assignment or “project” in your ClientLook database. All you need to do is create an “Update” on the prospect’s record, and then click on “Show update options”. In the “Related projects” section, you would select the names of all three projects in order to add this entry simultaneously to all of them.

The same principle works with contacts. Suppose you are creating an update for a meeting that involved two people. You would create the update on the record of one of the contacts, then use “Show update options” to add additional contacts in the “With” section. Type a portion of a contact’s name, and the system will give you a list of matching contacts. Select the one you want, and click the “Add” button. Done!

We have a couple short videos on creating CRM updates and real estate projects with more information on these topics.

Also, see our CRM training video library for over 50 short tutorials.

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