Adding additional account email addresses

Adding additional account email addresses

Most of you already know that you can forward emails to ClientLook, and they will attach to the records of your contacts and real estate projects. (If you’ve been missing out on this feature, watch this video and get with the program!). To ensure the email is really coming from you, we check the email address that you sent the email from and match it with the email address listed on your account. If the email doesn’t come from that address, we delete it.

If you use more than one email address or alias, such as a CCIM address, a secondary work account or a personal GMail address, and you want us to recognize that address as belonging to you, you need to add that address to your account. This will ensure we recognize incoming email from your address and properly attach that correspondence to your contacts and projects.

To set up your additional addresses, simply click the “Setup” link to the top right corner of any ClientLook page. Click on the “Email” tab. AT the bottom of the page, you will find spaces to add up to two additional email addresses. Simply enter your address and click “Save”.

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