Accomplish More With Our CRM Virtual Assistant Team

Accomplish More With Our CRM Virtual Assistant Team

CRM Virtual Assistant For Commercial Real Estate

Did you know that our commercial real estate software includes our exclusive Virtual Assistant team? That’s right; your ClientLook subscription gives you access to one of our most time saving features! Our users rave about how helpful the VA’s are; how much time they save; and how they are able to accomplish more by delegating their CRM tasks to our Virtual Assistant team. If you haven’t taken advantage of this great feature, here are a few reasons why you should:

Save Time

As a commercial real estate broker, your time is valuable. I’m willing to bet that your time is best spent working on deals and focusing on your clients; not doing data entry.

Next time you have new contacts you need entered into ClientLook, or would like to schedule a follow up task, simply send a quick email to our Virtual Assistant team. The Virtual Assistants are real people, who know ClientLook inside and out, and are ready to help you keep your database up to date.

Cut Costs

If you think you need to hire your own assistant, think again. Our Virtual Assistant can complete any task for you within the ClientLook system. They are your personal CRM update and maintenance experts, so there’s no need to hire, train, and pay for an assistant to handle these tasks. If you already have an assistant on your team, their time can be spent working on other areas of your business.

Accomplish More

The ClientLook CRM Virtual Assistant team is standing by and ready to assist you. They can handle tasks such as adding new contacts, updating contacts, scheduling tasks, importing data, adding deals, logging updates, and much more. You can easily submit your request to the Virtual Assistant by phone or email. After your request has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation. How easy is that?!

I can rave about our Virtual Assistants all day, but don’t just take my word for it; hear what these valued ClientLook users have to say:

“The Virtual Assistant is awesome and hands down the best feature! We utilize their services on almost a daily basis to import data and keep my contacts, properties, and deals updated.” – Eric Larkin, NAI (read full review here)

“Hands down, the Virtual Assistant is my favorite feature. It’s truly a game changer! With the VA, I don’t have to spend time doing data entry since they take care of it. I love that I can leave a meeting, take a photo of a business card, and send it directly to the Virtual Assistant to be added to my contacts. I can also have the VA schedule a follow up with a contact while it’s fresh in my mind.” – David Bolt, Lee & Associates (read full review here)

“The Virtual Assistant is worth the price alone! I was spending so much time putting in information, notes, and contacts into my system previously. Now I simply send a picture of a business card with instructions to the Virtual Assistant and it’s done almost instantly. The ClientLook VA team is better, faster, and more proficient than my own office assistant.” – Jon Smith, ReMax Commercial (read full review here)

“The Virtual Assistant is hands down the best feature. We send updates to the VA multiple times per day and that has been a huge help with keeping us organized and on track.” – Ben Alder, SVN (read full review here)

“The Virtual Assistant is one of my favorite features since it saves me so much time! The VA handles all of my data entry so I can focus on my clients and doing deals.” – Brad Fox, NAI (read full review here)

Your ClientLook subscription includes the Virtual Assistant at no additional cost. Talk about a great value! If you haven’t utilized their services yet, give it a try today! If you’re not a current ClientLook user, schedule a demo to learn more about this time-saving feature.

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