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Technology innovation – not emulation.

We understand your commercial real estate technology needs better than anyone else. Why? Because we’re a lot like you. We’ve worked in the trenches as brokers. We’ve run national sales organizations. We’ve founded technology startups and blazed new trails. Decades of experience led us to creating ClientLook, a part of LightBox – commercial real estate’s leading CRM solution. Built from the ground-up for people like us.
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Industry Leadership

Michael Griffin - ClientLook

I am an inventor at heart. My greatest satisfaction comes from finding ways to instill automation and efficiency into legacy business processes. Commercial real estate is the perfect marketplace for me because of the technology challenges that still persist. I chose the CRM (customer relationship management) segment because I didn’t think there were any viable products doing a good job.

I created ClientLook to help commercial real estate companies large and small work better. My goal was to create a CRM solution that was intuitive, smart and adaptable to any specialty. As I’ve always known, making things easy is really hard. I spend my time searching for ways to make the ClientLook experience better by developing innovative approaches to design, pricing and even customer support. We lead across the board.

I began my career as a commercial real estate broker and quickly moved into technology. I sold my first CRM startup (ARES for ACT!) to CoStar Group and subsequently spent almost nine years there. I launched ClientLook in 2009. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to lead the next generation of technology solutions for our industry. Stay tuned!

Michael Griffin

Who We Are

ClientLook is the most actively used commercial real estate CRM software. The company was founded by Michael Griffin (view profile) who has been pioneering industry-specific software initiatives since 1995. ClientLook was acquired by LightBox, a company formed to forever change the way decision-making happens in real estate, in early 2020.

ClientLook’s mission is to create the industry’s most intuitive, effective and connected CRM solution through bold innovation and the highest level of customer care. ClientLook integrates with other leading industry solutions and delivers the most complete all-in-one technology platform.

Every feature of ClientLook was painstakingly built from the ground-up to satisfy the unique needs of commercial real estate professionals. By combining contact management, deal tracking and client collaboration with a property module and Virtual Assistant service, ClientLook helps companies get organized like nothing else.

Through proprietary software architecture ClientLook offers a customizable, low risk CRM solution with an amazing ROI. Sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo today.