7 Platforms that Integrate with ClientLook


7 Platforms that Integrate with ClientLook

When you work with the ClientLook commercial real estate software, you’re also working with some of the most powerful platforms available on the planet. We designed our all-in-one CRM solution to integrate with powerful 3rd party tools to supercharge efficiency and make business easier.

Here are some of the excellent platforms that can be seamlessly connected with ClientLook’s features, services, and data.


This well-known and easy to use email marketing tool can be integrated directly into ClientLook processes. In turn, MailChimp itself integrates with major social media and blogging platforms. The site has been around since 2001, and is used by more than 10 million people.

This tool lets you automate communications and provides extensive analytics that let you track and evaluate your progress.

Google Mobile Sync

This is big. Syncing with Google means connecting with anything else that syncs with Google, and it’s all accessible on a mobile device. The sync is bidirectional, so information is always up to date on all devices. It’s a powerful way to take all of your data and contacts with you wherever you are.


This is a popular commercial real estate marketing tool that makes it quick and easy to create impressive and informative fliers and documents on property listings. You can easily send property data directly from ClientLook, without having to re-enter existing information. It’s super-easy to use this integration, and creating a new property record in Buildout takes seconds. That’s integration.

RPR Commercial

This site provides comprehensive data, powerful analytics, and dynamic reports. It requires membership in the NAR (National Association of REALTORS). Using this platform in tandem with ClientLook lets you quickly generate detailed reports on any property in your ClientLook database. Just a few clicks creates a data-rich and visually engaging report.

TheAnalyst® PRO

This site has a wealth of tools for analyzing commercial properties, and is used by many of the industry’s leading firms. Integrating through ClientLook provides access to specialized CRE calculators and location analysis tools. There are mapping and measuring tools and a range of analytic reports available. The platform is mobile-friendly and ready to make your life easier.


This MailChimp add-on provides transactional email capabilities to ClientLook accounts. Engagement statistics for every recipient help evaluate your strategy and stay on track, with features like automatic tagging, a searchable activity log, comparative reports and tracking options. A powerful tool for marketing.


This integration hasn’t yet been released in ClientLook yet, but it’s so exciting that we want to share the details. Imagine a future where ClientLook is integrated with Xceligent’s real-time intelligence on properties, listings, comps and tenants. You’ll have instant access to availabilities, market statistics, property ownership and more right from within ClientLook. This future is soon to be a reality as our exclusive integration with Xceligent nears completion. Stay tuned.

With these valuable integrations, ClientLook provides CRE with the tools to go farther, faster. What will we think of next?

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