5 Ways to Build Relationships with Proper Contact Management

build contact management relationships

5 Ways to Build Relationships with Proper Contact Management

How successful can your business truly be without having excellent communication with your market? You should be utilizing all of the features your commercial real estate CRM offers, but especially contact management. Don’t make staying in contact with prospects and clients a juggling act; simply start taking advantage of the contact management feature of your CRM so that maintaining great relationships with clients and prospects will be seamless.

Let’s check out five ways to build relationships with proper contact management.

Record Interactions

The human brain doesn’t scale. As your business grows, the volume and complexity of your client and prospect interactions with expand. Nobody has the mental capacity to keep track of everything that occurs. The simple solution is to use your CRM to log everything you do. In addition, use it to aggregate all of your emails. These simple steps help ensure that critical information is always readily available. Most ClientLook users rely on the exclusive team of specially trained Virtual Assistants to do this data entry for them.

Collaborate with clients

Use your CRM to provide clients with real-time access to updates related to their assignment. It doesn’t matter what specialty you have, or what property types you focus on. Your clients can self-serve their access to deal updates, which translates into a higher level of client service. This level of service will be so differentiating that it is bound to help you win business. Alternatively you should be able to generate off-line reports for clients that prefer a more traditional approach to reporting. Check out ClientLook’s client collaboration portal for an example of these critical features.


One of the best parts of using a CRM is the accessibility and convenience it offers you. You can access everything you need to stay up to date on your clients. You can access this information from anywhere on any device in a moment’s notice. This comes in handy when you are preparing for a meeting with a client or if you receive a phone call and need to access information quickly. Whether you are in the office or catching a plane, you will be able to assist clients using your contact management system.

Reduces Costs

You can reduce costs and save time by using contact management because of the tools and services it provides to help you retain clients. You can make the most of your time since your CRM will automatically organize data according to your specifications. With information being more readily accessible and organized, your productivity will rise and you will gain more clients without having to spend more money.

Keeps You Top of Mind

Your CRM will remind you of how long it has been since your last communication with a prospect or client and will help you maintain a steady flow of interaction. This will keep you top of mind and will help you secure follow-ups for potential new clients. You won’t have to try to keep up with dates of when you emailed a prospect or met with a client – your contact management system will provide you with this information.

Build your business by building relationships and maintaining those client relationships by using contact management. Contact management allows you to look back at your communication history with ease. It reduces costs by making you more productive and efficient. It also keeps you top of mind with convenient and easy to access information at any time from anywhere.

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