5 Ways CRE Brokers Can Boost Productivity

learn how to boost productivity

5 Ways CRE Brokers Can Boost Productivity

There simply isn’t enough time in the day for everything on a commercial real estate professional’s task list. From networking, touring properties and meeting with clients, there are so many things you need to get done in a day. To help make the best use of your time, here are five ways real estate agents can boost productivity for a more successful and less stressful business.

Utilize Technology

Too much on your calendar to keep up? Organize your day by using apps that give you calendar reminders so that you are never late or miss a meeting. Making the best use of your technology will help you become more efficient and will boost your productivity.

Apps like Google Calendar will help you handle all of your meetings and appointments. Apps like DocuSign will allow you to finalize and close deals without having to be in the office, saving you time and offering greater convenience for your clients.

Set Up a Daily Schedule

One of the easiest ways to boost your productivity is to create a daily schedule of everything that needs to be done. Every morning, you should create a list of to do items that you must accomplish that day and estimate how much time you think the task will take you. Managing your time will help you manage the expectations you have of what you can get done in a day. Be realistic and don’t overwhelm yourself – put it all down on paper or in your phone and check things off as you complete items.

Have a CRM

Having the right commercial real estate CRM can change your business. You can focus on only the prospects and clients you need to and stop spending time calling out of date phone numbers and calling duplicate clients with slightly different information. The right CRM will offer you everything you need to keep up with and gain new clients. You can track notes when you meet with clients and keep up with all of your transactions with a CRM. ClientLook offers you a CRM with boundless features to help you maintain your successful real estate business.

Work With Others

As a commercial real estate professional, you want your deals recognized and talked about. Work with your public relations, marketing and communications teams to find productive ways to get your deals out to the media to gain more clients without having to take more time out of your day to cold call.

Take Care of Yourself

The best way to truly boost your productivity is to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Don’t skip lunch, make sure to eat a healthy breakfast and get enough sleep. The more stressed and tired you are, the less productive you will be. Always make sure that no matter how hectic your business becomes, that you are taking the necessary steps to stay healthy and happy.

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