5 Things Not To Say During A Presentation

Things Not To Say During A Presentation

5 Things Not To Say During A Presentation

Listing presentations are important to your career as a commercial real estate broker, so it’s essential to always go in prepared with what you’re going to say – but also with what you should not say during a presentation. Put your best foot forward, showcase your unique skill set and experience, and make a great impression by avoiding these things:

Never Say Something That Isn’t True

This should be a pretty obvious one, but I can’t tell you how many times people tend to “stretch the truth”. You may not be consciously lying to your audience, but make sure you stick to the facts and share accurate information. If something is your personal opinion, state that, but never say something that isn’t true because it will likely come back to bite you.

Don’t Say “I think”

Speaking of having your own opinion, you are definitely entitled to that and welcome to share it. However, if your presentation includes actual data and facts it’s better to clearly state “as the data shows….” or “as illustrated here…”. Make sure your audience clearly understands what information is fact verses personal opinion.

Don’t Say “I don’t know”

At some point during your presentation, you will likely be asked a question that you may not have the answer to; and that’s perfectly alright. However, instead of simply saying “I don’t know” it’s better to respond with a phrase that shows that you will take action to get the accurate answer. Respond with “I will research that and send you the answer later today”, or “my team will gather more information on that topic to present at the next meeting.”

Don’t Promise If You Can’t Deliver

It’s best to “under promise and over deliver”, but when you’re put on the spot during a presentation it may be tempting to over promise to make your audience happy. Remember to be realistic about how long things take, and take the details of the specific request into consideration before promising a delivery time frame. If the request requires work from additional people (not just you), then simply respond by saying “Let me talk with my team, and I will email you by the end of the day with our delivery time frame.” If you can fulfill the request solely on your own, it’s still best to give yourself a little wiggle-room because things always tend to go wrong when you’re on a tight deadline. You can always send over the deliverables before the time frame you promised, which would definitely make the recipients happy.

Don’t Say “Like”, “Um”, or “So”

Not everyone likes presenting and some people get extremely nervous when it comes to public speaking. However, filling your presentation with “like”, “um”, or “so” every few seconds is very distracting. To avoid doing this, practice your presentation as many times as possible. Know what you’re going to say, sound confident, and be prepared for questions. The more you have practiced, the calmer you will feel during the presentation. If you catch yourself using these verbal crutches too often during the presentation, take a quick moment to take a sip of water and a deep breath before you move on to reduce any stress or anxiety that you’re feeling.

Whether you’re doing a listing presentation to a new or existing client or presenting at a conference or event, the key is to be prepared. Know the content you’re presenting and be familiar with your slides and materials. The more confident you are, the more natural you will sound. Remember that your audience wants you to succeed and we’re all human. Mistakes happen, but just keep rolling along and don’t let anything derail you.

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