5 Smart Ways To Grow Your Email List

grow your email llist

5 Smart Ways To Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is an important part of any commercial real estate operation. There are many advantages to growing the depth and quality of your email list. Having a robust list of potential and past clients that you can communicate with is key in lead generation and lead nurturing. But, how can you effectively add email addresses to your list?

Here are just a few ways that commercial real estate professionals can grow their list with relative ease:

#1. Take Your List On-the-Go

From hosting an open house to participating in a broker golf outing or attending your kid’s soccer game, make sure your list is with you. A CRM that is mobile friendly, for example, is the perfect platform for adding email contacts on the go.

If you are a ClientLook user then collecting business cards and adding them as new contacts is easier than ever. You’ll just snap a photo of those cards and email them to ClientLook’s virtual assistant team for instant entry

#2. Make Information Easy to Share

When you’re taking the time to create valuable and relevant content (in the form of blog posts, email newsletters and other communications), making it easier to share increases the chances your current sphere will share it with their connections.

Be sure to include social sharing and “Email to a Friend” buttons in everything you publish or distribute. Also make sure you also have a “subscribe” button within the content so it’s equally as easy for these new viewers join your email list.

#3. Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to add new email addresses to your database, and there are many strategies. Some brokers run paid ad campaigns that target a specific niche of potential clients. These ad campaigns can direct prospects to your website, or to a landing page where they can request more information.

On the flip side, you can also grow your list through social media for free. Expect a certain number of people to start “following” you over time. These are typically people who discover your content through searches or referral. The bigger your list grows, the more organic growth you’ll get

#4. Gated Custom Content

Another great option is custom content used specifically for lead (email) generation. Custom content includes things like a white paper on a real estate topic of interest or a free downloadable guide on market statistics. These are great ways to capture email addresses when you request subscription prior to viewing.

Just make sure that the viewer needs to input their email address prior to downloading the guide. We call this “gated” content. They’re getting something of value, and you’re capturing a new prospect.

#5. Explore Direct Mail

While it may seem a bit old school, direct mail can be a great way for commercial real estate professionals to collect more email addresses for their database. Direct mail includes post cards, letters and larger brochures.

With direct mail, you can target specific business areas or property types and provide them with valuable content (market stats perhaps) with a “call to action” that encourages them to visit your website to sign up for more. Again, just make sure you make it easy to sign up!

Where Will They Go?

As you add more contacts, you’ll need to properly manage them to ensure you aren’t missing opportunities for engagement. A quality CRM program like ClientLook is a great way to sort, manage, and market to leads. How will you add more email addresses to your lists?

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