5 Must-Know Tips for Writing Persuasive Emails

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5 Must-Know Tips for Writing Persuasive Emails

Cold calling is difficult enough, but it becomes even harder to turn a prospect into a lead when your channel of communication is email. Email is less personal than phone calls and therefore require more persuasion and tactful creation —but that doesn’t mean they can’t be successful in converting leads into clients.

Use these five tips for writing persuasive emails to gain new clients.

#1. Be Personable

Because the recipient won’t hear your voice – you will need to be as personable as possible in your email tone. Be conversational, but concise. You want to convey your enthusiasm and your willingness to help this prospect accomplish their real estate goals. The more personable you are, the more likely you are to set up an appointment with this client. Use the prospect’s name more than once to establish a more personal connection.

#2. Have One Goal

The goal of your email is to persuade the prospect to set up an appointment with you, so focus on this task and this task only. Lengthy emails lose the prospect’s interest and many will not spend the time to read through an email that is longer than a few paragraphs. Focus on being concise by including bullet points and a clear call to action. The less text, the more likely your prospect is to read through and respond to your message. Use short sentences and cut the fat to make sure your prospect is only getting the meat of your message.

#3. Utilize White Space

Use bullet points instead of long drawn out sentences to keep your prospect engaged with the email. The easier it is to digest, the better. Make your paragraphs short and easy to read through quickly. Write enticing subheads to intrigue your prospect. The layout of your email is crucial to receiving a response. The more visually appealing it is, the greater your chance of receiving a response.

#4. Give Your Prospect Incentive

What will your prospect gain out of setting up an appointment with you? Your email should detail what you can offer them for their real estate needs and how you can help them buy or sell successfully. Give them specific action plans and incentives for why they should reach out to you and work with you. Establish yourself as a market leader by providing thoughtful and useful content in your emails.

#5. Have a Clear CTA

The most important part of your email is the call to action (CTA). Your prospect should know exactly what to do – whether it is to contact you or fill out a form. Make your call to action clear and easy to understand. Make your contact information stand out so that prospects don’t have to sift through an entire email just to find your contact information in your signature. Make it easy for your recipient to respond.

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