5 Best Practices to Increase Your Email Open Rates

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5 Best Practices to Increase Your Email Open Rates

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to market and engage your current clients and prospects as a commercial real estate professional. However, email marketing only works if your recipient actually opens your email to read it.

So how can you increase your email open rates? While there’s no exact science to email marketing, there are some tried and true methods that always seem to help.

#1. Resending Unopened Emails

One way to increase the chances of getting your message to your customers and prospects is to resend the same (or similar) unopened email message to the same recipient a week or so later. This allows another chance for the recipient to open the message, especially if the initial message was missed or forgotten.

This is also an easy way to get your message to your recipient again without having to completely recreate a brand new email message. How do you create a list of recipients who haven’t opened a recent email? Connect MailChimp to ClientLook and obtain instant access to targeted lists like this.

#2. Test Different Times

It’s hard to get someone to open your email if they aren’t looking at it. Remember, your customers and prospects are busy people and there’s a bigger chance that they will read it if your message hits their inbox while they’re staring at their mailbox. While there are many recommendations that tell you to send your emails between 10-5:30, keep in mind that your readers are all going to have different schedules.

Try testing your message over your next few sends to see if you are able to capture when they check their inbox. Once you’ve figured that out, schedule your messages to coincide with their reading time.

#3. Segment your List

Your clients and prospects are all going to have different needs and wants. It’s important that you’re able to segment each one into different categories in order to meet their demands. These segments should also include their demographic data and behavioural data. By segmenting your lists, you’re increasing your chances of your clients and prospects opening messages that are more relevant to them.

ClientLook users can search any field, group and property relationship to create the perfect recipient list.

#4. Avoid “Spamming” Words

Inboxes are becoming increasingly smarter and thousands of emails are marked as spam and thrown out before it even hits your reader’s inbox each hour. One way spam filters are marking messages as spam is by searching the content for trigger words. Here’s a list of the common ones here:

  • big bucks
  • earn per week
  • free money
  • MLM
  • no credit check
  • winning

By designing your message to avoid these types of words, you’re decreasing the chances of your message being thrown into the spam folder. You can also ask your subscribers to add you to their address book to ensure delivery.

#5. Be Consistent and Be Creative

It’s important that once you’ve established a time to send your message, whether it’s once a week or month, that you are consistent in sending it. A monthly newsletter isn’t very effective if it isn’t being sent monthly.

People are all different and as such, you’ll need to test different subject lines and message tones. Some people will prefer a formal business tone and message, while others might enjoy something thought provoking. Don’t be afraid to test what works with each person.

By implementing these best practices, you’ll increase your chances of better open rates. With ClientLook, you can keep all of your contacts organized in one place while keeping track of any previous communication and personal notes about them. Connect with us to learn more!

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