5 Best Practices for Making Your CRM Part of Your Daily Routine

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5 Best Practices for Making Your CRM Part of Your Daily Routine

Your commercial real estate CRM is essentially your business partner – you work together to manage and maintain a successful business. From updating listings to following up on client meetings, your CRM can truly change the way you do business for the better…as long as you are making it a part of your daily routine. Here are five best practices for implementing your CRM into your daily routine.

#1. Add New Contacts

Make it a part of your daily routine to add new contacts into your CRM. Keep your contact list fresh and updated so that you only spend time contacting warm prospects and not sifting through old contacts with outdated information. Make it a point to go through your contacts and add in new ones on a daily basis to keep yourself utilizing your CRM.

As soon as you meet with a client, make sure to add in their contact information to your CRM. When you get referrals, be sure to also add their contact information into your CRM in a timely manner. Use something like the ClientLook Virtual Assistant to do all this data entry for you.

#2. Go Mobile

It’s easy to slack on using your CRM on a daily basis if you are constantly out of the office meeting with clients and touring spaces. However with ClientLook you can truly go mobile and take your entire office on the road with you. You can access your CRM data natively on any device and operating system and even sync to Google. The ability to go mobile with your CRM will help you keep it part of your daily routine.

#3. Update Listings

Track and publish your listings in your CRM on a daily basis. You can publish your listings in the public online marketplace CommercialSearch.com and on your company’s website. The Virtual Assistant tool can be used as your personal listing secretary to help you stay on top of all of your properties. Your CRM can help you stay current on your listings and your company’s listings.

#4. Utilize Notes

One of the most convenient features ClientLook’s CRM offers are notes. During your phone conversations with prospects, clients, landlords and other brokers, take notes that will be saved in your CRM. You can keep up with every detail you discuss on the phone call and be more prepared for follow up calls. You will feel so much more organized knowing that you have information to reference for specific clients and transactions all located within your CRM.

#5. Integrate Your CRM

The sole purpose of your CRM is to help you become more productive and organized. You can implement your CRM into your daily routine by integrating it with platforms that are commonly used in commercial real estate. CRM systems that can sync with your phone, use online research systems like Xceligent and communicate with marketing tools such as MailChimp.

The more integrated your CRM system is with the other platforms you use, the more you can use it in your daily routine. ClientLook’s CRM integrates with the most widely used CRE platforms to help you accomplish everything you need to.

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