5 Actionable Ways to Build A Robust Email Database

Build An Email Database

5 Actionable Ways to Build A Robust Email Database

According to Hubspot, your email marketing database degrades by about 22.5% every year. This large decline is mostly due to subscribers who change their job (and email address), people unsubscribing from your email list, or subscribers abandoning old email addresses and creating new ones.

With email marketing being one of the most successful forms of marketing today, it’s crucial that you have a solid email database. Let’s take a look at five actionable ways that you can build out a robust email database.

Create Share-worthy Content

Your content should be both useful and easy to digest for your busy audience. If you want people to subscribe to your email list, or continue to subscribe to your emails, you need to create high-quality content that is beneficial to them. You can gain lots of new email contacts when your current recipients forward your emails to their friends, family and colleagues.

A great way to encourage this is to include social sharing and “email to a friend” buttons in your emails. This makes it easy for your recipients to forward the email or to share it on their social media pages.

Create Different Email Groups

Your emails should be targeted toward what the recipient will be interested in. Email recipients are more likely to open and click-through emails that are targeted to them, so by creating different email groups, you will increase the chance the recipient will open the email and follow through to utilize the service you are providing. For example, as a commercial real estate professional, you can create an email group for “tenants” and another group for “owners.” You can also separate your email groups based on the property types that your recipients are interested in, such as “office”, “industrial”, “retail”, etc. If you have an industrial tenant on your email list, it doesn’t make sense to send them information about retail properties for sale.

Make Signing Up Easy

It should be easy for your website viewers to sign up for your emails or newsletters. The most important places to have an email opt-in form on your website are on your homepage, “About” page, “Contact” page, and on the main page of your blog, if you have one. If possible, include a sign up form on every page of your website in the sidebar or the footer. Check out our blog post on how to get more email signups from your website for more tips.

Remove Uninterested Subscribers

Use the reporting system within your email program to track who is opening your emails and who isn’t. If there are subscribers on your list who never open your emails, or they haven’t opened your emails within several months, simply remove them. As mentioned above, they may be using a new email address now, or they may no longer be interested in the content that you’re sharing. Don’t take it personally; simply remove them from your email list and focus on growing your list with people who are interested in your services. When it comes to email subscribers, quality is more important than quantity.

It may seem counterproductive to remove people from your email list in order to grow it, but emailing only engaged contacts may increase the chances of your email getting shared with people outside of your current email database.

Add A CTA To Your Social Media Sites

A simple call to action (CTA) on your social media platforms will help you build your email database. If visitors like the content they see on your social media sites, it will encourage them to sign up to receive more content from you via email. Check out our recent blog post on creating CTA’s that actually work.

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