4 Ways to Get A CRE Assignment Over The Phone

getting a cre assignment

4 Ways to Get A CRE Assignment Over The Phone

There will be a point in time where you’ll need to get that next assignment over the phone. The nature of the commercial real estate industry is busy, so there will be times when your schedule is too hectic to sit down and meet with a potential client. In addition, many people work on deals in outside markets, which makes it difficult to arrange face-to-face meetings. While most millennials tend to prefer email correspondence over in-person and telephone conversations, the best way to close a deal is to actually talk to a client.

Here are some things to consider when trying to get an assignment over the phone:

1. Be Straightforward

When making your closing call, let your client on the other end know why you’re calling – and don’t waste his or her time. Spend no more than two or three minutes making small talk and exchanging pleasantries, then bluntly give the reason why you’ve called. Let the person on the other end of the line know that your goal with this phone call is to represent their commercial real estate need.

2. Start off with an Open-Ended Question

The downside of closing a deal over the phone is that you’re not able to see the body language of the other person. This can make it hard to anticipate their response. You can make up for this by starting the conversation with a question. Just ask something along the line of “have you thought about my offer to represent you (or your property)” when you begin your closing call. They’ll let you know if they’re ready to close, or if you need spend more time convincing them.

The important thing to remember during this step is that it’s not your moment to talk. Sit back and listen to the prospective client’s response, then adjust your approach accordingly. Your goal is to help ease them into signing with without coming across too pushy.

3. Set up a Timeline

Try to get your prospective client to commit to a date to seal the deal. Make it a timeline to receive any contracts and documentation signed and delivered. This is also an excellent way to know where you stand with the client. If they’re hesitant to provide you with a timeline then you’ll probably be wasting your time continuing to follow up with them in the future.

4. Know When to Step in

If you’re a Manager and see your team struggling to get assignments, then step in and help. Some clients can be difficult or they don’t work well with everyone from your team, so they need some persuasion from an experienced professional. Remember, everyone’s goal is to close deals, so don’t be afraid to take charge when you need to. Of course, your ability to step in assumes that you’re communicating well enough with your team to know when they need help. ClientLook’s activity feed called Scoop is one of the best way to establish this communication channel.

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