4 Ways To Get More Email Signups From Your Website

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4 Ways To Get More Email Signups From Your Website

Driving traffic to your commercial real estate website is tough, and trying to get people to sign up to receive your emails may seem impossible at times. Not only do you want people to sign up for your emails, but you want to ensure that these people are quality leads that will hopefully turn into clients.

If you are struggling to gain email signups, take a look at these four ways to get more email signups from your website.

Draw Attention to the Submission Form

Don’t bury your email signup submission form in your website. Make it easy to find so that your prospects don’t have to work hard to sign up to receive emails from you. The easier you make it for them to submit their information, the more likely they will be to sign up. Make your form bold and eye-catching with colors like red or green.

Limit to Three Lines of Info

To gain more email sign ups you need to limit the amount of information you are seeking from your prospects. Most people don’t want to spend more than a minute filling out a submission form, so limit your info to three lines of info or less. Name, company and email should be enough for you to start out with.

Include Your Email as a Call to Action

Aside from the submission form on your website, make sure to also mention your email list and the benefits of signing up for your list throughout your blog posts, landing pages and other communications with prospects and clients. This helps create a marketing push around email sign-ups, rather than just relying on your website submission form to gain more emails.

Offer Great Content

Provide your current email subscribers with exceptional content pertaining to commercial real estate news and information they want to know about and in turn, these subscribers will forward your resourceful emails to others. If you provide market knowledge, market research and plenty of useful information your clients need, they will feel inclined to share this with their peers, resulting in more email signups for you.

Put the Submission Form in Multiple Places

Place your email sign up submission form in multiple places on your website. Don’t oversaturate, but certainly give visitors multiple places to sign up. You could place the form on your contact page, home page and on your blog to give visitor multiple opportunities to sign up to receive your emails. Make sure the content you provide on your website is high quality to offer incentive for people to sign up for your emails.

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