4 Ways to Gain Referral Business by Staying Top-of-Mind

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4 Ways to Gain Referral Business by Staying Top-of-Mind

Staying “top of mind” is a phrase that commercial real estate professionals should make sure they are very familiar with. Your past clients are a rich source of new business. They are a wonderful source for referrals. Staying in touch with them over time helps ensure that they think of you when they hear about opportunities. Here are four ways to gain future business by staying top-of-mind.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is one way to constantly stay in front of clients and to establish yourself as a thought leader. Social selling is a huge marketing driver in commercial real estate and social media will only continue to grow. Connecting with clients on social networks will ensure that you have a prominent presence in their digital spheres.

As you share resourceful content, you can keep your name on their news feeds and top of mind. Be sure to reach out and congratulate any clients if you see them share good news.

Create Branded Materials

Create business cards and other materials to give to your clients. Your clients can easily share these items with other people in the market. Make sure the materials are branded with your unique personality. This will help you stay top of mind with your current clients and help bridge the gap between referrals and new clients.

Make sure your materials match the brand presented on your website and social media pages to draw a quick connection for your referrals.

Provide Powerful Content to Your Clients

Once you have closed the deal with your client, maintain your relationship with them by sending them helpful content. This can be anything from events in the area to useful information about commercial real estate research and trends. By taking the time to continue to be helpful even after you’ve closed the sale, you will stay top of mind when it comes to a future referral.

Sending your clients useful content will help you continue to establish trust with your clients and increase your chances of receiving a referral.

Attend Networking Events

Attend a commercial real estate event to network and help you build your referral base. Recognizable brokers are more likely to gain new leads, so it’s vital that you build your network in several different ways. Attending these events gives you the opportunity to network with potential clients and industry leaders, increasing your referrals over time.

Not only will you gain valuable information from other commercial real estate professionals, you will also establish relationships with other brokers by attending these industry events.

Real estate referrals are an excellent way to help your real estate business prosper. By taking the time to focus on different areas of your branding, marketing and communication efforts to help you build and nurture stronger relationships, you have a higher chance of receiving referrals from your clients.

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