4 Undeniable Benefits of a Quality CRM System

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4 Undeniable Benefits of a Quality CRM System

Using a commercial real estate CRM (customer relationship manager) has become an important component of doing business in CRE. In a recent survey of brokers, over 71% of respondents used a CRM system.

A well-designed CRM organizes and coordinates every aspect of the business. It facilitates communication and collaboration, streamlines routine tasks, and provides new insights to drive decision-making. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of using a quality CRM system.

#1: Supercharged client service

Success in real estate is often based on client service and satisfaction. Using a CRM improves the client’s experience in many ways, and brokers see the benefits. The CRM provides a boost to efficiency, making it possible to respond rapidly to client inquiries and requests for information.

Clients who are pleased with service are most apt to provide referrals. They’re also most likely to be repeat customers. Managing contacts through a CRM allows agents to provide relevant and timely information. A CRM assembles contact information and keeps it up to date with details like requirements, lease status and the client’s activities and associations.

#2: Better marketing

With this level of detail, it’s possible to target communications more effectively, making the most of the CRM user’s time. Research has shown that using a CRM can improve conversion rates by as much as 300%, while cutting marketing costs by 25%.

CRMs that offer integrated marketing solutions provide real-time intelligence on your clients’ responses to email campaigns. You’ll know who are the most likely prospects for any given opportunity. This helps enable the creation of compelling and informative marketing materials that can be more easily tailored to the interests of clients with a few clicks.

#3: Better internal communication

Teamwork is a powerful way to get things done in commercial real estate, and transactions require collaboration and frequent communication. Rather than having separate copies of important documents and scattered correspondence, a CRM brings everything together.

The team can work from the same, up-to-date documents, easily track progress, and communicate effectively with everyone involved. The platform has built-in layers of security, so information is protected while still easily available (anytime and anywhere) to users with permission.

#4: Distinguishing support

An excellent CRM provides an amazing experience that’s shaped through intuitive design and solid user support. ClientLook goes one step further by providing Virtual Assistants. Our users have the option of assigning tasks, like contact updates or other data entry, to actual people here at ClientLook. There’s no easier way to implement a CRM in your business.

Keeping a CRM up-to-date is essential, but can be time-consuming. Rather than spend time entering changes that have come throughout the day, ClientLook users simply forward tasks to the VA team. With virtual access to your account, the team promptly enters updates and notifies you when the job is done. Meanwhile, you can carry on doing what you do best. If you’re working any other way, then you’re working too hard.

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