4 Tips For Creating CTA’s That Actually Work

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4 Tips For Creating CTA’s That Actually Work

Your call to action (CTA) tells site visitors what to expect when they fill out the form on your website or click on your ad. It’s important to understand what specific messaging will affect your audience in the most successful way. For your commercial real estate readers, make sure your call to action will provide valuable information that they will be interested in. Here are four tips for creating CTA’s that actually work:

Use a Strong Command Verb to Start

The main point of a CTA is to be clear and concise because you don’t have a lot of space to get your point across. Let the audience know exactly what you want them to do and don’t waste words doing so. Start with a strong command verb such as “Start searching properties now.” You want to make sure that you don’t lose the audience by having a CTA that is weak, vague or unclear.

Make the CTA Noticeable

If your viewers don’t notice your CTA, they can’t click on it. Make your CTA buttons bold and large so visitors can see them clearly. Test out different colors and shapes for your CTA to see what will be most effective. CTA’s that are red, green, orange and blue have been shown to boost conversion rates. Also, make sure that you place the CTA on your website’s homepage; it should be one of the first things that your viewers see when they visit your site.

Here’s an example from the ClientLook website with two big buttons at the top with clear messaging.

ClientLook CTA

Use First-Person

Research has shown that CTA text that uses first-person language rather than second-person is more successful. It may seem like a small adjustment, but in many cases it has led to significant gains in click throughs and conversion rates. An example is “Show me featured properties,” rather than “Click here to view featured properties.” Using first-person language helps your visitor connect to the CTA on a personal level, making them more likely to click through.

Keep it Simple

Have you ever clicked on a CTA and ended up on a page to sign up for a newsletter, only to find that the form is so long that it feels like it would take forever to complete? When putting together your sign up form, make sure you only request the essential details that you need from your readers;  typically just a name and email address will do. The more information the viewer has to fill out, the less likely they will be to complete the form and subscribe to your newsletter; so keep it simple to get the best response.

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