4 Tips For Filling Your Lead Pipeline This Fall

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4 Tips For Filling Your Lead Pipeline This Fall

As the fall and winter seasons approach, it’s important to make sure your lead pipeline is full and that you are generating new leads and nurturing existing ones. Since the commercial real estate market traditionally slows down as the holidays approach, you need to make sure that your business is booming and you have a game plan for gaining new leads during this slower business season. Here are four tips on how to fill your lead pipeline:

Create a Drip Email Marketing Campaign

Utilize ClientLook’s integrated system with MailChimp to create professional looking drip email campaigns to stay top of mind. You can share content such as blog posts, recent articles, featured listings, market trends and anything else that you think prospects and leads would find valuable. This is a great way to get in front of potential clients and to establish your market knowledge and expertise to fill your pipeline.

Perfect Your Call to Action

Take a look at your website and try to perfect your call to action. Spice up your website and blog to increase conversion rates and generate more leads. Be clear and concise with your call to action and make sure you aren’t asking for too much information; it’s best to keep your opt-in form to a maximum of three lines. Make your call to action button eye-catching and tell the website or blog visitor exactly what they receive if they subscribe to your newsletter or reach out to you.

Reach Out to Your Contacts

A great way to get your business revved up is to take a dive into your CRM and make a list of contacts you haven’t spoken to in the past 3-6 months. Just because someone wasn’t in the market to purchase or lease six months ago, doesn’t mean that they aren’t ready now.

Even if you reach out to a client who isn’t buying, selling or leasing property at this time, this is still a great way to gain referrals. Word of mouth is the best marketing you can ask for, so be sure to reach out to past and current clients and encourage them to recommend you to those who may be looking to connect with a seasoned commercial real estate broker.


Get out there and spend some time networking the old fashioned way at events. Spend some time researching related industry events in your area and attend as many as possible to meet new people. You can also network online by effectively utilizing social media. LinkedIn is a great platform to elevate your brand and reach new clients and prospects by sharing valuable market information and your current listings. You never know where your next client or referral will come from.

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