4 Times CRM Helped Fuel Business Growth

crm fuels business growth

4 Times CRM Helped Fuel Business Growth

A good commercial real estate CRM software platform improves efficiency and client service by organizing your information into one integrated system. It saves loads of time, because it automatically tracks many routine processes and assembles related information for quick retrieval.

By enabling more efficient operations, your CRM can be a powerful engine for growth in your firm. It facilitates team efforts by keeping everyone up to date and allowing them to work with current and accurate information. There are many ways that a CRM can help you grow your business, and it is likely that you will discover new ways as you get comfortable with the platform. Here is what some in the industry are finding.

Increase leads

A quality CRM produces more, and better leads. That’s because your contact with prospects can be based on a broader base of information. Your CRM can host details on the person’s personal background – hometown, college, spending habits, activities, and more- as well as their requirements, current assets, lease details, and more.

With those facts in hand, you can time and tailor your marketing to make it more meaningful and useful to prospects. Your CRM allows you to make more personalized contact while establishing trust with more open lines of communication. All of this helps convert leads and often also reduces the length of the sales cycle.

To convert leads, it’s critical to process and respond promptly to inquiries. ClientLook offers online lead capture that directs your leads from sources like your website or CommercialSearch to the Virtual Assistant for cleanup and validation before entering in your account.

Increase Efficiency

Your CRM allows you to connect departments and teams, providing shared access to data and making it easier to respond to your clients’ needs consistently. The CRM can automate your tasks and workflow, so you eliminate redundancy and proceed with your work in a logical way, without missing a beat.

A CRM makes you more efficient because you spend less time looking for information and more time using it. Instead of looking for contacts and creating lists from many sources – social media, direct mail campaigns, online advertising, and others- you have it all collected for you, in one location. The information is accessible on any device, from any location, and updated constantly.

Improve Decision-Making

The information collected in a CRM lets you react more quickly to changes in the market. It can provide real-time access to information about transactions and trends from a wide variety of channels, as well as analysis that can make trends and developments crystal clear.

A good CRM let’s you instantly slice and dice data through intuitive searching. You can find contacts that are related to properties as an owner, tenant, investor and more. You can search for properties that meet certain location, size or age criteria. Find details on your pipeline and even recent activities or emails. Information like this helps shape your decision making and allows you to respond to opportunities faster.

Increase Security

For some it seems counterintuitive, but it is definitely true that working online and sharing documents in the Cloud are more secure ways to operate. Using electronic documents, and enabling secure, restricted access to data saves tremendous time in transactions, and it is also a safer way to handle sensitive information. Access can be restricted to those with permission, and those people can instantly find the reports, agreements, and documents they need.

No hard copies means no chance of misplacing important paperwork. Everyone works from the same version, so accuracy improves as well. Working in the Cloud gives you access to real-time data in the field and full functionality on the go. You can create and share reports, transfer documents in the field, and update records from any device.

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