4 Reasons All CRE Professionals Need A CRM

Commercial Real Estate CRM Software

4 Reasons All CRE Professionals Need A CRM

If you aren’t using a commercial real estate CRM in your day-to-day business then you are missing out on many opportunities to increase your sales, grow your clientele and streamline data entry. Here are four reasons all commercial real estate professionals need to be using a CRM:

Contact Management

Commercial real estate is all about your leads, your clients, and your connections. But keeping your contacts up to date can be time consuming and often falls to the bottom of your to-do list. Let’s say you have a stack of business cards that you need to enter into your CRM. With ClientLook all you have to do is take a photo of the business card and send it to our Virtual Assistant team and they will upload the client information into the system for you, and you will receive an email confirmation when the task is completed. You can also forward leads to the Virtual Assistant team and they will put a reminder on your calendar to follow up with them. Using a CRM makes contact management simple, so none of your leads will fall through the cracks.

Keep Track of Activity

Track property ownership, monitor tenant movements and lease expirations, and understand investor holdings. You will always look like a market expert with instant access to your personal property inventory and related contacts. Your clients will be amazed. Plus, with ClientLook you don’t have to spend valuable business hours inputting this information – you have a dedicated Virtual Assistant team who will take care of all of the data entry so you can use your valuable business hours to do business.

Property Updates

With ClientLook’s integration with Xceligent you will have access to the most recent property updates including availability, comps and tenant information without lifting a finger. The properties you care about will always be updated and you can download information instantly. Save time and stay up to date with your market the easy way. Plus, you can use Clientlook to send your clients a traditional market report or go high-tech with the fully integrated collaborative war room feature. You’ll offer something for everyone and win more assignments by offering a whole new level of service to your clients.

Keep a Healthy Lead Pipeline

There’s no easier way to track every deal-related email, update, meeting and offer. You can easily monitor every stage of your transactions and track your lead pipeline all within the CRM software. ClientLook offers a level of client service that is so differentiating that you can use it in your business pitches. All of your documents and emails can be accessed by your clients through ClientLook, with little effort on your part. It’s easy to stay on top of every opportunity by using the pipeline management features built into every deal. View opportunities by type, group or any searchable field, track the value of your deals, projected close date, sales stage and more. You can even share opportunities across ClientLook accounts when you’re co-brokering a commercial real estate opportunity.

ClientLook is the only all-in-one CRM software that was built specifically for the commercial real estate industry. If you ready to see how ClientLook’s CRM can transform your business, we are offering a free 21-day trial. Experience each of our features and to see firsthand how it improves your business. It only takes a minute to sign up. Contact us with any questions you may have.

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