4 Big CRE Brokerages Doing Social Media Right

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4 Big CRE Brokerages Doing Social Media Right

Although the commercial real estate industry is notorious for being slow to adopt new technology, there are firms that are truly killing it on social media. There are several things that make a CRE brand influential on social media, including a consistent presence, engagement with others, a clear voice and message, unique and original content, and high follower counts.

Let’s take a look at four big CRE brokerages who are doing social media right and implementing these best practices into their digital strategy.


CBRE has over 120,000 followers on Twitter and is continuing to establish the brand as a social media leader within the commercial real estate industry. CBRE implements custom graphics into their tweets, making them more visually appealing and more likely to spark engagement with their followers.

CBRE not only creates custom images to share for their research reports and any news relating to the company, they also share important CRE articles, including content from their online magazine, Blueprint by CBRE. Along with these custom images, CBRE also shares videos to further increase engagement and utilizes unique hashtags relating to the industry and the CBRE brand. CBRE also has over 350,000 followers on LinkedIn, where they share similar content.


JLL has over 65,000 followers and implements unique branding in their tweets, such as hashtagging their tagline Achieve Ambitions. Similarly to CBRE, JLL shares industry content, JLL research reports, custom images and market knowledge pieces. They also share visuals such as videos to improve engagement rates.

JLL also shares content from their JLL Real Views account, which is a global news site that features stories that explore the world of real estate and its impact on the wider business world. The firm also shares similar content on their LinkedIn page where they have over 455,000 followers.

Cushman & Wakefield

Another top commercial real estate firm, Cushman & Wakefield has a strong presence on social media, particularly on LinkedIn. The firm has over 233,000 followers and regularly shares industry news, deal sheets and videos. They celebrate any awards they receive on this channel as well.

You can expect to see plenty of commercial real estate news, research reports and lots of visuals when you follow Cushman & Wakefield’s LinkedIn. They also have a very popular twitter account as well.

Colliers International

Colliers International boasts 45,900 followers on Twitter, where they regularly share research reports, news articles pertaining to commercial real estate, and plenty of industry happenings to keep all of their followers in the loop. They also implement custom imagery and plenty of visuals to keep their timeline easy to digest.

The company also has over 100,000 followers on LinkedIn, where they share similar information. You can find everything from award announcements to deal announcements on Colliers’ social media pages.

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