3 Ways Your CRM Can Make You More Productive

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3 Ways Your CRM Can Make You More Productive

Being more productive is all about managing time. How you spend the time you’re given determines how much you get done, so taking control of your schedule is at the heart of increased productivity. Digital tools let you manage details and see the big picture, so you’re able to improve services and identify opportunities every day.

Making the most of your time and efforts is the whole point when it comes to CRM platforms. A solid CRM like ClientLook is built to save you time and energy, so you can focus on what needs doing. Routine tasks can be accomplished automatically, for improved accuracy and productivity.

Effective lead conversion

With an excellent CRM, you can take contact management to the next level. Use ClientLook to easily track and share every client interaction, activity, file and email in one place. Enjoy instant recall of important facts, dates and other data critical to your relationship building success.

Detailed contact information includes personal interests and background details (hometown, likes to golf), as well as property information, group affiliations, and activities. Use these details to target your message and contact the right person with the right information at the right time.

Contact management also helps you to stay in touch with former clients in a more meaningful way, to encourage referrals and repeat business.

Adding new contact information is time-consuming, but it’s essential that your information be accurate and up-to-date. ClientLook’s virtual assistants are there to take care of important details promptly. These are real people whose sole focus is to address any tasks you need performed within your ClientLook account, so you can keep moving without losing functionality.

More efficient transactions

The commercial real estate marketplace involves a wide range of players: brokers, attorneys, banks, tenants, investors, landlords, developers, and more. To facilitate transactions it’s important to keep everyone in the loop and make the process as transparent as possible. Providing access and collaboration space to team members saves time and increases efficiency too, since data entered once automatically populates across the system.

ClientLook offers a fully integrated deal management module. It seamlessly captures the details of every email, update, meeting and offer, and information is easily shared. A real-time summary is available to you, your clients, and the whole team, so everyone can be kept up to speed with no extra work from you.

Effective marketing

Marketing is equal parts essential and time-consuming. Using a CRM can both simplify your marketing process and improve results. In ClientLook, you’re able to integrate MailChimp’s amazing email marketing capabilities to enable insight and effectiveness you’ve never had before.

Add MailChimp to ClientLook in order to send customized email campaigns, view engagement statistics (opens, clicks, etc.), and manage lists – all from inside your ClientLook account. You’ll send more targeted emails using all the search capabilities of ClientLook, and you’ll always know who your best leads are. It’s the easiest way to increase your email marketing effectiveness.

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