3 Ways Your CRM Can Build Customer Loyalty

building brand loyalty with crm

3 Ways Your CRM Can Build Customer Loyalty

As a busy commercial real estate professional it’s easy to get hyper-focused on discovering new leads and converting them into clients. But, there’s great value in building customer loyalty and focusing on retention of existing clients, which can bring great repeat and referral business.

With your hectic schedule it’s just about impossible to manage everything you do without relying on commercial real estate software like a robust CRM. It helps you stay on top of everything and ensures you have instant access to information during your client interactions. Used correctly, your CRM can help you achieve a powerful competitive advantage.

Here are just a few of the ways your CRM can help build customer loyalty and make you more successful in commercial real estate.

#1. Keeping You Top-of-Mind

A CRM system that’s designed specifically for commercial real estate is the perfect tool for keeping you top-of-mind with your past and present clients or prospects. Even when you’re too busy dealing with the day-to-day of real estate, your CRM can manage drip communications in the background. ClientLook, for example, seamlessly integrates with MailChimp to handle all of your email marketing communications.

When you’re top-of-mind, your clients will be more inclined to contact you for their commercial real estate needs. Staying top of mind helps build loyalty.

#2. Helping to Build Relationships

A CRM will never be a substitute for personal contact, but it does provide an easy way to help manage your current and future relationships. Even a simple yearly birthday or anniversary message can mean a lot to a client. Most CRM systems have the ability to remind you about critical dates. This also extends to things like lease expirations, option renewals or other important long-term time-sensitive events.

#3. Personalizing Service

By using segmentation within your CRM, you’re able to better service the needs of your clients through a more personalized approach. Segmentation simply means that you’re able to slice and dice a potentially massive list of contacts into more managable relevant groups.

Buyers and tenants, for example, need different communications than do sellers. A former client may want to hear from you monthly while a prospect might be better served with less frequent contact. Use your CRM to customize your approach and provide tailored communications that meet your prospect’s needs. And, when you’re providing that type of tailored experience, you’re helping to build a long-lasting relationship —and, therefore, loyalty.

Remember, customer loyalty isn’t built overnight. No CRM system wants to replace human connection, ClientLook just wants to keep those relationships fresh and provide an easy and efficient way to manage those relationships now and in the future. With ClientLook, we want to help make agents work more effectively to generate more business. Contact us today for a tour of what we can do for you!

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