3 Ways To Use MailChimp For Email Marketing

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3 Ways to Use MailChimp For Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your commercial real estate business. Managing your growing email list and sending campaigns can be very challenging though. There are tremendous advantages to integrating an email marketing system with a commercial real estate CRM (customer relationship manager). ClientLook added integration to MailChimp – one of the industry’s most prevalent email marketing tools. Millions of people use MailChimp to create professional and incredible looking emails. Now you can too.

Let’s take a look at three ways to use MailChimp with ClientLook.

Centralize list management

Have you ever tried to keep track of contacts in both your CRM and your email marketing platform? It’s a real pain. There’s typically lots of exporting and importing. Fortunately ClientLook is your one stop shop for contact management. Add everyone to ClientLook. Create groups and apply contact categories. Doing these simple things is all it takes to create everything you need to manage your email list.

Sound too good to be true? ClientLook’s integration with MailChimp syncs all of your email recipients to MailChimp every time you send a new campaign. You never need to hassle with adding another person to MailChimp again. Use your CRM instead. The integration even handles your unsubscribes by sending the data back to ClientLook. Forget about trying to keep your CRM and email system in sync. Do it all within ClientLook for the easiest way to manage contacts.

Powerful searching

Like most email marketing systems, MailChimp is great at creating email templates and sending emails. It’s not so great at segmenting your contacts into manageable lists though. Fortunately ClientLook’s powerful searching gives you everything you need to easily send email to targeted groups.

Search for any contacts in ClientLook. For example, you might lookup all the owners of properties over 50,000 SF in a certain submarket. This kind of search isn’t possible within an email system, but it’s easy in ClientLook. You can find email recipients using any combination of fields to suit any commercial real estate specialty.

Send newsletters

Once you’ve got your list in ClientLook, just click a button to launch the MailChimp integration. Choose the email template you’d like to use and ClientLook does the rest. Put together a weekly or monthly newsletter, broadcast your listings, and share your blog posts. It’s easy.

ClientLook tracks every email campaign and displays the results. This allows you to effortlessly determine the most engaged recipients based on their open and click rates. Pull up an email recipient in ClientLook to see that contact’s complete email history. You’ll instantly understand the type of content they like the most. You’ll finally be able to proactively target contacts based on their interest.

Connecting is Easy

In order to connect MailChimp to ClientLook, you’ll need to subscribe to MailChimp. Once you’ve done that, just connect your MailChimp account using a simple, one-time process that can affect every user in a shared account.

Tips for connecting:

  • Connect MailChimp using your account credentials or a MailChimp API Key.
  • Connect a common MailChimp account to multiple ClientLook accounts.
  • Works with a free MailChimp account.
  • Limit email sending capability within ClientLook account administration.

For step-by-step instructions on how to connect your ClientLook account to MailChimp click here.

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