3 Ways the Cloud is Changing the Way We Work

cloud computing in commercial real estate

3 Ways the Cloud is Changing the Way We Work

The introduction of cloud technology revolutionized the way we used the Internet. Suddenly, all of our important information was backed up and stored in a central location – a location that we can assess from any computer and mobile device.

These days cloud technology has become so advanced that it’s taken the place of software. Software as a service platforms, or SaaS, are programs that are accessed completely in the cloud, removing your need to install them on your computer. This feature has helped to make computer programs easier to access, especially in commercial real estate.

Here are three ways that cloud technology is improving our work performance:

1. No more software

Keeping track of installation CDs, updating programs, and managing various software licenses is hard – especially if you’re someone who isn’t extremely organized. This is doubly true in the field of commercial real estate, where many of us are expected to drop what we’re doing and meet with clients at a moment’s notice. The fast nature of the industry makes it hard to keep track of the little things, like remembering where you put that one CD key for your marketing program.

Cloud technology changed this in a lot of industries. Now we can access most of our business programs online and from any device or computer. All we need is an Internet connection and, in some cases, a registered account. No more worrying about CD keys, figuring out how to install programs, or updating – all of the updates are done in the cloud.

2. The cloud is your virtual hard drive

Cloud storage has changed the way we access and transfer information. For starters, it has allowed us to be less reliant on CDs and USB drives for backing up our data. Now we can store our important information on a virtual hard drive that is accessible by devices that don’t have USB and CD drives, like smartphones and tablets. It means that all of our work files travel with us, everywhere we go.

3. Everything is at your fingertips

If you’re using CRE programs in 2017 that don’t operate in the cloud, you’re way behind on technology. If you don’t believe me, have a look at this from article from 2010 highlighting the benefits of cloud-based programs. One of the biggest ways that cloud computing has revolutionized the way we work is by creating an environment where we’re always prepared. Every spreadsheet, deal, and contact detail is stored in a centralized location that we can access at our leisure. In a commercial real estate perspective, this means we spend less time keeping track of papers, which gives us more time to meet clients or close deals.

Get a Program That Does it All

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