3 Ways All-in-One Systems Boost Productivity

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3 Ways All-in-One Systems Boost Productivity

Using an all-in-one commercial real estate CRM can take your business to the next level when it comes to efficiency and productivity. The right CRM system is a good investment for managing clients and serving their every need, but CRMs can also boost productivity and create a healthier bottom line for your business. Here’s how:

Measures Performance

The data your CRM captures will allow you to spend less time discussing what happened during meetings or on phone calls and more time determining what strategies will help meet the needs of your clients. An all-in-one CRM will also track client feedback and establish trends, helping to eliminate time-consuming manual entry and research needed to improve response rates.

This shared database also helps improve communication among your team. ClientLook’s CRM organizes everything you do into a convenient activity feed. You’ll enjoy one centralized source for updates, completed activities, emails and more. It’s easy to understand who is doing what, and whether everyone is meeting their activity goals.

Creates a Central Hub

Think about all of the software you use on a daily basis to keep your business running and all of the different applications you use to manage information. Managing contacts, deals and a commercial real estate database typically requires multiple applications. Think of the time it took to implement and upgrade these programs to stay up to speed with other firms and with new technology.

An all-in-one system creates one virtual space that connects to outputs from these programs and integrates all of the information to store it in a way that is timely, accessible and useful. The combined cost savings from less hardware, software, support and training will add productivity to your bottom line. The amount of time you will save with each task will help you respond to your clients quicker and will help you reduce errors.

Increases Customer Service

An all-in-one CRM will strengthen the relationships you have with your clients because your CRM can communicate with your clients even when you can’t and will provide them with better answers based on data your CRM acquires. A cloud-based CRM allows everyone involved in a deal to access vital information anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Gone are the days when you scrambled to create a monthly activity report for your clients. Using ClientLook, your focus is simply on tracking your daily activity. All you have to do is log the outcome of your calls, meetings and tasks. ClientLook does the rest by exposing anything you choose to share to your clients within a real-time portal. Your clients self-serve their need for information.

ClientLook all-in-one solution

Delivering a great experience for your clients is made easier the more knowledge you have of them – knowledge that only an all-in-one CRM like ClientLook can provide. The meaningful data your CRM provides will offer you information that will help close more deals, allowing you to spend more time managing your day-to-day business concerns while your CRM handles the online relationships for you.

Elevate your real estate business with the help of ClientLook, a commercial real estate CRM designed to meet the special demands of CRE professionals. ClientLook keeps you prepared and organized, so you never have to worry about losing a lead. For more information, contact us today.

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