3 Ways Your CRM Can Improve Client Communications

Ways Your CRM Can Improve Client Communications

3 Ways Your CRM Can Improve Client Communications

As you continue to grow your commercial real estate business and your client base, it’s important to utilize all of the features of your customer relationship management (CRM) software to ensure that you are nurturing leads and managing all of your clients efficiently. After all, success in the commercial real estate industry is driven by the strong relationships that agents maintain with their clients. Let’s take a look at 3 ways your CRM can improve client communications and help you build a more successful business.

Practice Better Follow-Up

Your CRM can help you stay organized and determine when the appropriate time is to follow-up with both prospects and current clients. Your CRM can help you keep track of notes from phone calls, emails and meetings so that when you do follow up with clients, you are better prepared to discuss the hot topics. Utilizing the organizational benefits your CRM offers can help you manage more clients and improve the communication lines that you have with them.

Having all of the data you need in one central place will help you stay organized for any and every client meeting and interaction. You can also utilize ClientLook’s email marketing features to follow up with clients by sending catchy newsletters and drip email marketing campaigns with our integration with MailChimp.

Provide Valuable Reports

Agents are able to win more assignments by offering a whole new level of service with ClientLook. You can use the CRM to send clients a traditional market report or go high-tech with the fully integrated collaborative war room feature. This feature offers clients the ability to log into secure online deal rooms that allow real-time access to everything you want to share with them. This can include phone calls, property tours, and marketing materials. You can also share brochures, offers and reports.

The client access is free and the storage space is unlimited. These reports can help improve your client communication since clients can see in real-time where their property stands in the commercial real estate market.

Utilize ClientLook’s Virtual Assistant Team

ClientLook’s Virtual Assistant team is included in every subscription and offers agents a team of assistants who are standing by to handle your CRM data entry, so you can focus on your business. After a meeting, you can simply snap a photo of a business card with your phone and email it to the Virtual Assistant, who will create a new contact in ClientLook for you. You can even request that the Virtual Assistant enter a note for you to  “schedule a call next Thursday” so that you maintain proper communication with your prospects and clients. You can even call the Virtual Assistant’s voicemail to dictate updates, schedule tasks and more without having to stop your workflow while out in the field.

Having a CRM to partner with you in your commercial real estate business can help escalate your sales and make working easier and less stressful – especially when it comes to client communications.

We are proud to be the the only all-in-one CRM software that was built specifically for the commercial real estate industry. To see how you can improve your client communications, try ClientLook free for 21 days or schedule a complimentary demo to see how you can transform your business with ClientLook’s CRM.

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