3 Internet Lead Conversion Tips for CRE

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3 Internet Lead Conversion Tips for CRE

Technology is everywhere. It offers amazing conveniences with instant access to news, media, information and more. Because of the accessibility we expect instant gratification. Your potential clients (in this case Internet leads) expect an immediate response when they indicate interest. If you’re not responding in a timely way, then you can guarantee that a more eager competitor will gladly step in.

Recent studies suggest that almost 59% of prospects end up doing business with the company that responds first to their inquiry. You want to be first, but you also want to be doing a good job. Qualifying and converting leads into clients are just as important as your level of responsiveness.

But with so many brokers competing for the best leads — some even purchasing them from national search portals— how can you be assured you’re doing everything you can to convert them?

Here are 3 tips to help you step up your internet lead conversion game.

#1. Do your research

Before picking up the phone to call your latest Internet lead, do a little research. A quick Google search of their email address or a quick lookup on LinkedIn can provide you with valuable insight. You may learn about their location and profession. Maybe you went to the same college or have some connections in common. The smallest piece of lead intelligence can be just what you need to convert the lead into a client.

Want the tech-savvy version? Check out the Charlie app — it scours the Internet and does the pre-call stalking for you.

#2. Respond to them quickly

We have all played the waiting game at one point or another —don’t let your Internet leads do it too. Most conversion experts believe that you must respond to leads within five minutes, even if the response is letting them know that you’ve received their message and will be in touch shortly.

If you’re a listing broker, then how do you handle incoming inquiries to your online listings? If you specialize in tenant or investor rep, then what happens when someone fills out an online form on your company website? In the case of online inquiries, the lead should be immediately emailed to you, and simultaneously entered into your CRM. Prompt follow up is then necessary to get the ball rolling.

#3. Follow Up, Then Follow Up Again

Persistence in any type of sales profession is a must. While there is a fine line between being persistent and annoying, use a commercial real estate CRM to stay on top of every new opportunity. Each new lead should be represented in your database along with an appropriate “next step”.

If a lead doesn’t convert immediately, then put it on a drip email campaign that will send relevant communication over a certain period of time. This ensures you’re staying top-of-mind as their commercial real estate expert.

As you build your database for your leads, it’s important to have the right tools in place to keep you organized and on track. Thousands of companies use ClientLook’s Virtual Assistant service to input new leads and set up follow up tasks. It’s the easiest way to generate to new business. Learn more about ClientLook to find how you can take your lead conversion to the next level! We look forward to hearing from you.

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