10 leading brands in the CRE startup space

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10 leading brands in the CRE startup space

I know I am going to get a lot of emails from friends in the CRE startup world I might have left off of this list, but one thing I have always tried to do throughout my 30-year career is to be honest, not be afraid of inciting controversy and really focus on marketing and branding strategies.

I have also spent the last five years in the real estate startup space so I think I have a good view on the sector. In thinking about the best brands currently in the sector, I think they all have to have several things in common:

  1. A consistent message in the marketplace
  2. A well thought-out, impactful sense of design
  3. An established client roster and active user base
  4. Are receptive and supportive of the CRE Tech sector overall
  5. Have visible leaders who lead, inspire and are out in front of the industry

So with those characteristics in mind, I think these CRE sites are doing a great job in building their brands:

  1. ClientLook
  2. Hightower
  3. Compstak
  4. VTS
  5. Compass
  6. Fundrise
  7. Honest Buildings
  8. LiquidSpace
  9. Floored
  10. TheSquareFoot

There are many, many others that are doing an awesome job in marketing and branding. Too many to mention. But I think the ones listed above are out in front of the pack.

I think that investing in branding and identity is critical to any business’s success, but perhaps no more so than in the tech world. Why? Because it’s such an uphill battle to build a tech company that has the chops to last. The odds are incredibly long. The list of challenges are equally so…funding, traction, revenue, technology, etc. are just a few of the roadblocks you run into daily. So branding is SO important because the ones that are most recognizable, have the highest name recognition, have a clear and consistent value proposition and maintain a strong media presence clearly have a leg up on their competition.

So a big shout out to the sites I mentioned for doing a great job on their branding. It will be interesting to see who the next group of leaders will be. Would love to hear your feedback on who you think should be on this list.

Contributed by guest author Michael Beckerman

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