Your Client’s Experience in ClientLook

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Your client’s experience in ClientLook

The ClientLook CRM commercial real estate software offers an exclusive client collaboration portal. Use it to win business and then communicate with your clients in the easiest and most effective way possible – online.

In a previous blog post, we discussed how to win more commercial real estate assignments with ClientLook’s client access portal. We allow you to create an online “war room” for each of your deals, making it simple to instantly share your activity, updates and documents with your client in real time. It’s true two-way collaboration. Be sure to read that article if you haven’t yet.

Real-time war room collaboration

So once you invite your client to participate in the deal you are working on for them, what do they see when they log in?

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Engaging your client

Your client will see a special limited version of ClientLook customized for your particular deal. They will have access to all the updates you have chosen to share with them, and you can both upload and download documents and other files. With no file storage limit, you’re free to share as much as you like. Your client will even be able to post their own updates and comment on updates you have created, so it’s a great way to work together on your assignment. They can essentially get their own activity report in real time whenever they chose. That sure beats having to send out paper reports every week or month!

What about privacy?

Don’t worry about privacy. Your clients can see only what you chose to share with them, and they can never leave the deal page – so they can’t click on your contacts or companies and view any other information unrelated to their deal.

ClientLook’s exclusive deal collaboration feature makes is easy to keep your clients in the loop and helps you provide a better level of service that will differentiate you from your competition. Get started using it today – it’s included with your ClientLook subscription at no additional charge.

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